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  • Re: Tar trap

    Something does seem up with the tar trap drops, like it's the wrong rarity or not dropping in rift lord chests or something
  • Re: Chaos Trials Feedback

    Reached tier 10 (rift lord so far)

    Fun modifers - most of them. What's great about chaos trials is that there's not always a best hero, and the randomness of the modifers can really make certain heroes shine or fail miserably. Same with traps - I've seen a lot more health and mana wells, and I never thought that big game hunting traps would be such a life saver. 

    Unfun modifiers - gear disable. This is literally just taking away options. It increases the difficulty but not in an enjoyable way. Maybe change it to increased cooldown, or higher mana cost gear. A positive modifier that increased effectiveness of gear would be fun too.

    Some assorted thoughts - I wish ring of last stand was better. It would be really great to use it to block the shot of a cyclops mage, or to take a face full of kamikaze kobolds, but the duration feels a bit too short and the cooldown a bit too long. 

    Stinkeye paired with coin gen, and ballista spam seems like it's the answer to a lot of scenarios. A ceiling full of ballistas is hard for anything to get through. Since the bug with stinkeye's totem damage not scaling with level has been fixed, he may be doing a bit too much damage, or at least too much damage from a safe distance. 
  • Re: Undocumented 2.1 Changes

    The store deals change is really really good. Finally something that's not rng in a way that makes it useless sometimes
  • Re: Why does Robot release most of the patches on Tuesdays? And about IA

    Monday to prep the servers for the patch. Weds-Friday to observe the patch for any critical issues and to hotfix if necessary. Patching on friday would have a good chance of it being broken all weekend.
  • Re: Stinkeye - Too Weak

    There should be a weaver to get the laser back in some form. It's a cool enough thing to have that it shouldn't be eliminated entirely. Maybe a weaver that automatically makes a laser shoot between your slow and attack totems. You can adjust its potency or whatever to make it balanced, but lasers are rad.