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  • Re: Chaos Trials Feedback

    so after a bit more experience with the Chaos trials, here's more feedback.

    Economy modifiers are pretty tough, especially the floor/barricade Cost. Triple Barricade cost is arguably worse than double floor trap cost due to multiplayer forcing the coin split and making things really tough when adding more than 1 player into a Chaos Trial. Discount Scrolls can be used to temporarily overcome this but it's the only situation I've found really reinforces kicking someone from a group or spending skulls to make it work thus far.

    Spawn Protection needs to be looked at for interactions with the gnoll breeder and elementals, if it's intended to stay as is it's probably the strongest buffs they'll ever get and makes Falling Folly and any map the breeder comes out on quite crazy, especially those with short paths to the rift The breeder can spam nigh invincible gnolls which will slow and kill players followed by camping at the rift, and if it happens before a pretty hefty killbox is built there's little players can do, combined with anything that beefs them up like additional merc spawns or melee minion damage and it becomes a nightmare scenario quickly especially when even bgh traps have difficulty taking them out. 

    So far, this seems to require more skill, responsiveness, and knowledge than any sabotage map has ever pushed the game to, it's definitely a sight to see.
  • Re: Traits review/feedback

    ShadeDev said:
    I agree that traits are not very fun.  Out of curiosity, would you enjoy hero specific traits (akin to in-game weaver upgrades), especially if the UI automatically filtered based on hero selected?
    If there were an additional option of traits being selected in lieu of weavers and an increase in slots i would totally be in favor of having this done. it would allow for a greater variety of available configurations per hero leading to more diversity in play. Even though some will remain optimal it would also allow you to add more interesting variety to how players interact with the weekly challenges by preselecting certain traits to demonstrate their utility and usefulness.

    For players who have exhausted their drops this could also be setup to add a set of obtainable loot that makes the loot boxes less stale over the course of the game's life and a player's progression as well as a new option in the gold or premium shoppe which could contain the existing traits in addition to the hero specific ones or just the latter.

    This would also mean that instead of having to tweak weavers so often if some of them feel weak you wouldn't have to just dismiss one if people like it, a new one could be added to the mix and those that were ok with the previous ones could continue using them. Other than the need to acquire it, i really can't see much wrong with the idea.

    Also, this could mean the possible addition of a trait tied to those character achievements that take quite some time to do which in turn could make them more interesting forms of progression.

    I think if this system were put in place that weavers should be removed, it would offer less counterbalancing on the devs parts and also simplify in-game UI and decisions for players. 
  • Re: Best traps post update?

    Statboy said:
    Periclum said:
    Gorkster said:
    There is no one deck that fits all purposes.
    For Survival, there absolutely is.

    Barricades/Spikes/Viscous Tar/Ceiling Ballista/Grinder/Swinging Mace/Floor Scorcher can solo 5* every map in the game. I'm currently using it to farm out all the hero victory chests. I keep the Root/Clover for equipment and run 2x default Guardians when I'm too lazy to pick the right ones for the map. Smashing Deals/Ultimate Set of Tools/Wall Building PhD/Big Spender are my default traits.

    I'm certain there's variations on that which can do the same thing. Swapping in Brimstone for the Floor Scorcher or Ice Spikes for Spikes are the most obvious examples that come to mind. I picked this because it doesn't use any traps above Rare, 80% of your damage traps benefit from Smashing Deals, and the Floor Scorcher is (imo) the best trap in the game (has been since OMD1). Physics AND AoE fire DoT is broken.

    Now, is that the BEST setup for every map? Of course not. But, it's flexible enough to clear any map without requiring any concern for what hero you're playing, and still 5* with most of them.
    That's not good on Baths or a few other maps. I think the point @Gorkster is trying to make is that its better to tailor your loadout for each map. Which is true.

    Also I haven't found Swinging Maces to be 1) that good at putting out consistent damage; and 2) Have very maps where you can place one in a good location. For the price I'd rather bring Pounders (since mine are tier 7) or Shock traps. Do the runners like Kobolds and Gnomes still run under the Swinging Mace? Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the Mace is bad, it just doesn't make my loadout very often.
    There's a few locations where a swinging mace in a killbox will annihilate a gate, and in any place where I would be placing multiple pounders grouped if I can take a swinging mace I usually will as the damage output is superior, 250 base every 5 seconds vs 145 every 7. A viscous tar underneath a swinging mace where enemies path the entire length should hit 2 times.
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    Lorelle said:
    I actually got into a Sabotage match with two players who had only red traps and the most basic of traps (to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if they were fresh out of the tutorial).   It was kinda funny how easily the enemies died to me because of the averaging scaling, although what really impressed me was that somehow those two managed to hold off the first of the two paths (Thuricvold Village, first path) in Sudden Death to the point where the orcs never reached the guardian instead of just crumpling and we actually managed to win (the enemy team wasn't a premade but they had premium heros like Temper and Tundra so I assume they were more experienced than the newbies I was with unless they just cashed at the start).  Not sure how a newbie Blackpaw and Max team managed to pull that off.  Most of that lane was filled with their newbie spike traps and a few concussive pounders where they could fit them.

    Although I did have to show them how to use barricades (another thing that makes me believe they were fresh off the tutorial).  At first they didn't place any barricades at all and even spike trapped the outside of the lanes where no minions would probably go without barricades to force them there.  Good thing you have a lot of time in the first set up phase.

    .....but yea, minions do indeed get autoscaled to go with the level of the team.
    knowledge goes a long way and i think a fallacy a lot of players fall into is that "Everything i learned in survival works here" when it isn't the case. survival is a race against a timer and the minions spawning where Sabotage is a lot of planning for possible threats which means you need a diverse setup that can handle almost everything in the game on every map.

    increasing enemy pathing length and increasing the amount of time enemies spend in trapped areas is often more important than traits and trap levels.

    The most solid advantage any three person team has in sabotage is communication and experience playing with the other people in their group and i agree this is hard to do with random matchmaking and even harder to overcome when matched right.

    I've played with quite a few players personally who refuse to cooperate with their teams and newer players who have a sound grasp of the game and play very well despite having anymore than very basic traps. People also assume the early traps are weak which is also a falsehood in itself.
  • Re: Openin 32 boxes

    You get some gibs, and you get some gibs, everybody gets some gibs!