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  • Re: As someone who has spent over $1000 on your game...

    @Spamwagon the business model for most free to play games when done right rarely rewards spending large amounts of money on any RNG based goods. Money is always extremely useful at getting you to a mid to late point in the games progression skipping the weening process of learning the game mechanics and basic material acquisition.

    I know from my experiences with other F2P titles that the initial RNG only chest purchases wasn't something I was going to invest in. What is the best value for money spent are on permanent, non-repeatable goods and services as everything else diminishes in value vs the amount acquired so far as you've come to experience here.

    Things that would make sense to have a gold purchase option and feel rewarding for players are heroes and cosmetics. The RNG nature of traps, gear, guardians, and traits especially with the possible expansion of any of these at any point in time makes it so that throwing a lot of money at them at any one time is not a good long term idea, as any early purchase removes the chance to expand your inventory once they expand the possible acquirable items.

    A good progression path to follow if one plans to spend money is: Purchase heroes, Purchase cosmetics for heroes (these are non-repeatable, so you can never double up), purchase some chests depending on how tolerant you are to rng (i would recommend few but that's me personally, i like to play for my rewards), save for possible events or splurging of new heroes/traps.

    Once you get to the point where you're looking for individual traps to level the new layout for the daily deals/premium shoppe allows you to choose to grab parts or traps from duplicates, build up your skull pool, and then use the daily deals to max traps that aren't tier 7. If you don't need to bulk buy parts then the Chaos Keys are the most lucrative option at the moment provided you can proceed to around tier 10 on any given key and becomes even better if you have a team to share keys with regularly as it triples their value.

    This isn't to say that purchasing chests isn't a great thing to do, or that it's bad, but more of a Caveat Emptor. While you have the ability to purchase whatever you want, understanding the business model of the game is important on deciding what you want to purchase. I hope that as time goes on the game does offer things that will feel rewarding for those who spend money but in the long game a F2P counts on repeatable purchases of things to stay afloat.

    The chaos keys are likely the best merchandise created for the game right now and I hope that more repeatably purchasable and rewarding items like this are eventually created, we'll see as time goes on.
  • Re: What boss is the weakest

    GustavoM said:
    Snowflake is definitely the weakest.
    Snowflake is currently so insignificant SeanPoe forgot to list him XD he's probably an 0/10, very minimal impact, low hp pool, on par with dread, sarge, and scurvy as he only spawns on one map and his only ability is an instant freeze slow snowball toss.
  • Re: Why 25 gibs from a parts chest?

    it only converted to 25? I thought most epic items returned about 200-300?
  • Re: Single player suggestions

    I know it's been brought up frequently, but seeing as that the last patch changed nothing it warrants mentioning again. Can we please either get double the guardians when playing single player, or perhaps buff them up by like, 50% damage and health. They are literally standing in for human players, and they need to be significantly stronger than they are to do that. Seeing as that some of the maps have upwards of 5-6 spawn points, it would seem fair to both buff AND increase how many you can take. Seeing as that three players can take 6 guardians, taking 4 doesn't seem like that much of a stretch. (Maybe just make each guardian usable twice if that fits the UI better without making a new layout?)

    Second, I know the trap limit is for server performance, whatever that means. It should be thrown out, but if it can't, can we get a system like in Sanctum 2 where you can use excess gold to overcharge traps already in place? It's very annoying to die on wave 25 and be absolutely unable to create more traps, and the 20,000 gold in my inventory is useless unless I'm planning on choking the orcs to death with it. Maybe something like a doubling gold cost to upgrade a trap by 25% (like 1000gp upgrades once, 2000, upgrades twice, 4000, etc) That way survival still can't be played infinitely, but you can actually DO something with your gold).

    Third, I saw Cygnus got a buff, but he didn't really need more damage. What he needs is for his primary attack to NOT use mana. It's literally un-fun to have a character who's primary attack can just get taken away unless he's hovering near a rift. If it's a balance issue, then remove the AOE on it, and instead of the weaver that removes the mana cost, make that weaver add back in the AOE.

    Otherwise, the new daily quest that requires you to play multiplayer matches is kind of a kick in the dick, but I get it that you want to encourage multiplayer. However it would be nice if it didn't have that so I could actually take advantage of it.

    Keep it up guys, games fun. Looking forward to more new ranged heroes.
    guardians are useful when in parties because players are less effective in combat and die easier, as a single player it's much easier for you to kill enemies before they deal significant damage to you, the trade off for multiplayer is greater trap diversity and more hero abilities to help control the hordes being thrown at you. There are also some really REALLY good strategies around using guardians with supporting traps that allow you to get through certain maps with ease.

    I like sanctum 2's upgrade system but I'm not sure it would fit with the trap part system in OMD!U. maybe something that could be looked at in the future by the dev team if it's something they would consider.

    The AOE on lightning is an elemental status effect, like fire burning things. It cannot be removed without removing it from everything else with lightning in the game. I am personally in favor for a reduction in cygnuses mana usage on his primary but as this makes him "unique" i guess the devs decided to double down on the damage. While this isn't bad alone, his original concept has his rift supporting with additional damage and this doesn't happen now so I think further changes would be nice.

    Stick around and see how the changes go and keep leaving feedback!
  • Re: Why does Robot release most of the patches on Tuesdays? And about IA

    @SenatorBird I think you're right in that there's not enough teasing going on with the IA stuff but that's both a good and a bad thing. If you look at Warframe theys sometimes tease things months in advance and occasionally miss the mark but as with a lot of things and balancing I think more new things will be appearing since the game is largely still getting feature releases like the Premium Shoppe.

    I was one of the lucky few to see Warframe in it's formative days and a ton of the things in there now weren't even conceived yet. The only thing I can say is keep leaving feedback and Ideas and ultimately we'll see where this thing winds up, hopefully in a good place!