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  • Re: In your humble opinion, what does Omdu need the most now?

    A lot of the options are counterintuitive here. More maps could mean anything from more maps being added to existing game modes to new maps being introduced. Adding a map to a game mode doesn't do as much as a brand new map.

    In the same sense, a new game mode that offers new ways to use already existing assets could be viewed as more content for players to engage with. Ultimately I feel like a lot of the information available to the player hasn't been clearly expressed via the launcher and that helping players understand more about how things work would improve the experience. 

    That said, I think a newer difficulty level would be the most interesting thing that could be added at the moment for a couple of reasons: it would likely add a new tier of drops, new items could be added to said tier of drops, and the coming chaos trials would be able to utilize the new maps for an even greater challenge than what already exists in rift lord. This would also be in the vein of new maps though....

    so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Re: Two Major issues that i think should get some attention

    Ranged enemies can't damage guardians until they're in combat, their shooting range should be equal to guardians so neither is at a disadvantage, archers deal more damage than ranged minions though so taking them out is a priority and this is likely why you feel that way in the first place.

    The speed boost is a penalty for dying and is meant to discourage players from throwing their bodies into enemies to hold them with aggro, since deaths don't have an affect on par time and ultimately the number of stars received at the end of the map it is an interesting affect though in sabotage they intend for players to die more often, your hp is much lower than in survival for a reason.

    Regarding enemy level, enemies level are scaled to the difficulty of the map played in survival, this is why a level range is shown. you don't need particularly high level traps to win, and players with tier 4 traps or lower have cleared rift lord. i've personally cleared up to rift lord baths before upgrading my traps beyond tier 4. People have complained about the ease and difficulty of the game for a while but ultimately it's up to the player to choose to learn the game or keep committing the same mistakes.
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    ShadeDev said:
    Oh man, I really enjoy seeing all of these good thoughts that we offered up a year ago to fix matchmaking.  Siege wasn't the problem, Sabotage is not the problem, the matchmaker is and has always been the problem.  The amount of unfair or ridiculous matches that people are thrown into is what causes them to leave. 1 bad match, eh, whatever.  Repeated one side matches is not okay. 

    Blaming the population only gets you so far. I think you are just too lazy to find and implement a fix. 
    If you have 6 players in a matchmaking queue: 1 3-man level 100 party, and 3 solo level 1 players...   

    How many combinations do you have to make a match?  One.

    The matchmaker will try for several minutes to make a better match and eventually just give up.

    We can make the system wait longer for a match, but that's been historically even more unpopular.
    All games that have matchmaking systems run into this problem and population is always a key factor in it. Even Overwatch which reports higher numbers and a faster rise than a large number of titles runs into 6+ minutes queue times when new modes or game times are added. I've personally had matches where I've played against the same team 3 or more games at a time because they were both premade and the closest to my rank that were online at the time, possibly the only group that was near me. ultimately a loss is better than literally never having a game joined because the matchmaker would only allow "fair" matches. fairness would only be achieved by banning premades and forcing players to learn the game and play with random teams to win.

    Without voice features and time limits for options this is super difficult and this is part of the reason sabotage is a bit difficult to deal with, can't really sugar coat that at all. Not to mention the rage that high level players have at playing with newer players who have lower leveled traps and a limited character selection. A lot of players would also be livid about not being able to play with premade teams here as that's how you heavily influence your own win rates and summarily the rewards you receive.

    the only real solution to disregard player population is lobbied games but that introduces more issues that I'm not sure want to be tackled yet. I would personally just like to see the chest quest changed to "complete 2 sabotage games" instead of win due to winning being biased due to the matchmaking and pop. issues.
  • Re: Patch 2.1 - Premium Shoppe!

    I wonder if this is because baths is only on war mage and rift lord and the rift lord version of the map is adjusting the difficulty of everything? I have had similarly high hp enemies spawn on the baths and falling folly but on folly i had a d/c'd party member which made things less than ideal. on baths everyone just seemed to have minions hitting the rift from wave 1.

    If rift lord maps are being played with players below the difficulty level because of the matchmaker balancing this could be an unintended issue.
  • Re: Temper Feedback

    I'm pretty sure temper's right click consumes a variable amount of Rage based on how much is accumulated and increases it's damage based on the amount consumed. It's probably the most unique skill in his arsenal for its ability to control his rage and deal damage as well as disrupting enemies so he doesn't have to avoid fights up close, damage a fleeing enemy, or to soften up things as he gets into a fight.

    I agree his rage management is a bit of an issue but at the same time a single combo gives temper enough rage to use any of his skills and most of the gear available in the game. 

    While I think the ability to explode with rage is useful in the right situations, and they are few, i also think that the weavers related to Happy Place don't seem useful and that the weavers related to the explosion don't seem necessary as well. If the explosion weaver does 25% more damage it becomes less useful the less often you explode. I would in turn actually just take increase rage generation if it was available as it would offer: more explosions; increasing his power at a more rapid pace; mana source for useable gear; Or sweet sweet hammer throws.

    Tier 4 weavers have the potential to be some of the most game changing and I don't feel that Temper's really have that impact yet but this is the first iteration of him... let's hope he doesn't get the Stinkeye treatment and they just tweak him "slightly"