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  • Re: In your humble opinion, what does Omdu need the most now?

    @Lemartes Have you ever played an MMO (or any other video game ???).  MMOs have to constantly release new content to remain relevant.  That's why every MMO has new patches with new content and new expansions with new content or they die.  Even if they don't die, if they go long periods without new content the subscribers fall off.  Even regular non-MMO games release sequels because of the same reason.  And most video games actually aren't grindy contrary to your fallacious implication.  No one likes playing the same content over and over again.  Eventually, everyone gets sick of old content or we'd all still be playing pong.  It really isn't that hard of a concept to understand.  You assume  I (and many others) haven't been playing these levels over and over again (like 100 times) when in fact we have.  Maybe next time, don't make so many assumptions.  I just don't want to play them 1000s of times and I'm sure others don't either.

    But hey some diehard fanboys are going be apologists for substandard development and those are the people that encourage the development of substandard games.  So congratulations on supporting mediocracy.  I did enjoy this game (and it's predecessors) at one point so I'd like to hold them to a higher standard - especially since at one point they were releasing new content quickly and living up to that standard.
  • Re: In your humble opinion, what does Omdu need the most now?

    In my opinion, the developers have gotten lazy.  We used to have new maps all the time.  We've had patch after patch with new ways to rehash old content but no new actual content (maps).  I remember when the devs used to say that ideally, they would like no repeats in their maps meaning that they don't want a war mage map to show up again as a rift lord map etc.  What happened to that vision?  Instead, now they want you to play the same content over and over again in so many different ways that you become so utterly bored with the original content that you may not even want to try out new content when they finally come out with it.  I now only log in occasionally to get my daily reward and then promptly log out.  I'll start playing again when the devs stop being so lazy (maybe).
  • Loading Screen Art

    I really enjoy the new loading screen art for each level.  On a recent insider access it was mentioned that this artwork would be posted on facebook, but I have yet to see it there.  Can anyone corroborate that this art is indeed on facebook now or post a link showing where I can find it.  If this hasn't been posted yet can you please post it soon.