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  • Re: Some suggestions to modifiers in Chaos Trials.


    For some laughs. Some serious ones and some jokes ones.

    1.Negative Modfider Removal: remove a random negative Modifier. If there is no negative modifier, you get a negative one. Wait what?
    2.Coin Rain: coins rain drop from the sky. OP
    3.Mana Storm: mana rain op. Rip graphic card though op.
    4.Combo+1:+1 combo points for each minion kills.
    5.Death Star: Our dear Rift attacks minions once again.
    6.Shiny Armor: allow players to use those OP golden armor skins for free for some heroes.
    7.Right place at the Right time: Teleport a random player to the rift party room if there are too many orcs in the room.
    8.All traps tier 7:  Change all the trap tiers of your traps to 1.
    9.Brb: Reduce hero spawn time by 50%.
    10.Take your time: Now minions don't Rift Rush if a hero dies nearby them.

    1.Positive Modfider Removal: remove a random positive modifier. If there is no positive modifier, you get a negative one. rip
    2.OMDUD: Unchained Disable. GG
    3.No guardians: they went on vacations.
    4.Shorter Waves: minions come earlier like endless instead of spawning after we clear a wave.
    5.Lousy music: Play Max's personal album as the background music.
    6.Traps friendly-fire: I cannot imagine this. 
    7.Not allowed to sell traps: No communication GG?
    8.No to everything: Just left click. Time to uninstall. 
    9.No music effect: this can be devastating. Trust me.
    10.Life Force: Use abilities costs life instead.
    11.Get on your discord: No typing allows.
    12.No quitter: you lose if you leave/dc. Time to tell everyone else to uninstall.
    13.Wrong Door: teleport to the wrong place if we use those short cut doors in the maps.
    14.Early Celebration: Dance for 5 seconds during the transition of the waves.
    15. Heat Vision: Lose visible light spectrum. We see the infrared spectrum of the environment instead.
    16. We are Equal: Disable traits.
    17. False Intelligence: Indicate the wrong map for the key. GG.
    18. Wrong place at the wrong time: Players get teleported into the final trajectory of the bombers sometimes.
    19. Right Place at the wrong time: Sometimes orcs from the other waves, spawns as the addition enemies to some other waves for the corresponding portal which they normally spawn from.
    20. Wrong place at the right time: During each wave, minions spawn from a different portal instead of the default one.
    21. No GPS: Disable minimap.
    22. No more Free Pass: Disable free pass modifier for higher tier key.
    23. It is not Fashion show: Disable skins.
    24. All traps tier 1: Change all the trap tiers of your traps to 1.
    25. Random Negative Modifier: a random negative modifier, what it does can only be seen in the game.

    sashimiak Plz have some laugh. 
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  • Re: Serperent Guardain is here and current "exotic" features of the minions

    I already posted this over an hour ago.
    Wait a min, sharing is a competition too? What about the other part of my post?
  • Re: Some Sabotage maps are too easy.

    ShadeDev said:
    lordbeef said:
    Look forward to changes. Right now I groan when banquet hall, baths, or throne room come up. I usually win on those, but it's just boring. 

    Orc ri la is fun, but it absolutely destroys your framerate. Hope that can be improved somehow 
    Out of curiosity, what makes Banquet Hall, Baths, and Throne Room unenjoyable for you?
    Those 3 maps are one-laneable. Essentially, it is really hard to win those maps after wave 3. After wave 3, we have to rely on RNG for cards like bombers, bomb spell, or Swiftyhoove mostly. During SD mode, the team with better CC and better luck with the cards is usually the winner. Not to mention, bugs that are present in the Throne Room right now...(something that needs hotfix)

    Maps like Thuricvod Village, Gates of Thuricvod or Training Ground usually ends faster because they are not one lane-able. I personally believe these maps are more enjoyable.
  • Can we have new map with killbox like those in Unchained Fortress or Cliffside?

    1.I missed the old killed box in Unchained Fortress or Cliffside(one of the lanes in krogon keep, too). I noticed the new maps barely have the kill box with the same size. It would be great to able to setup those killbox again in other maps. All traps could pack together. It was really nice.

    2. endless too.
  • Re: SABOTAGE new HEAD to HEAD mode :)