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  • Re: Pathing changes intended? Minions don't need LOS to know path blocked.

    raylei said:
    The line of sight collision with convex set, sounds like a research problem to me. Ever heard of  Art_gallery_problem?

    My observation: In some map, orcs have to make going left or right decision. If they take the one with the path, which eventually "blocked" by our cades, (orcs don't know it is blocked. Orcs cannot see the future! Think about it!), they usually travel to the farthest waypoint that is not blocked in the path, then turn around. The path might differ slightly depending on the portal which those sad orcs spawned from. Sometimes, I notice the orcs(label them with A) from the different portal choose not to go further into the blocked path before they reach the farthest waypoint(the waypoint which is the farthest for the orcs(label them with B ) from the other portal, but it is not the farthest for the orcs(label with A)) in the blocked path. It seems to be that there are bound on the distance for each portal, but it could be just me get confused by the waypoint for minions from different portals. 

    Black and red are original. Light purple and yellow=after blocked. I might be wrong though.

    If that were the case, why minions on Crogon keep can be tricked into doing the whole map twice or pretty much the same on Eventide Fortress or The Wall?
    Because of the waypoints. I am not sure what you mean by doing the whole map twice. Did you mean some path overlap itself sometimes?

    For examples: 

    the portal for the Eventide fortresses from the right side:

    Green is original. Red is after blocked.
    the orcs from the portal won't know the shortest path from the waypoint 3 to the way point 4 is blocked until they reach 3(poor orcs), so they have to turn around and go through blacksmith twice and the small portion of the right part 3 times before they reach the way point 4!

    The right portal for the Wall:

    Similar idea. Blue is original. Red is after blocked. You can make red path even longer by blocking the bottom part and force them to go to the blacksmith first on the left side.

    The top left portal for Crogon keep:
    Green is original. Red is after blocked.

    I guess this is what Shade dev. meant for the Stable of Eventide? Something like this:

  • Re: New minion ideas.

    I love the ideas. 
  • Ray's old suggestion/ideas collection+Sabotages cards ideas 4/30/2017

    Need to take a break from Sabotage's bug and RNG madness.

    Here are some of my old and new suggestions:

    Sabotages Consumable:

    Ray the troll: send Ray to the enemy team. If Ray makes it to the Rift party, your enemy team gains Rift points. (Must be sent if your roll this card).  Minions which your team spawned can kill him.

    Rift Stabilizer: Send a gnomish engineer that can stabilize the Rift.  Your team gains one rift point if Rift Stabilizer enters the Rift. He/she spawns in your map and the minions that were spawned by your enemy will attack it. Your team's job is to escort it to the safety(the Rift). 

    Nullness shield: Preventing enemies' harmful spells from being effected on you for next 10 seconds.

    Witchcraft Backfires: Reflect next hostile spell which will be cast on you back to the caster.

    Reversed Control: Reverse the control of a random enemy player. i.e. (left click-> right click) (W-> S) etc.

    Decoy Rift: Spawn a decoy rift nearby a random gate that distracts minions.

    Camera Zoom-in: Zoom-in an enemy player's camera and lose large view of sight for 10 seconds.

    The boss: Summon a random boss.

    Vacation Tickets: Buy off your enemies' guardians with free tickets for going on a vacation. They will not be willing to do their job.


    Potion of Rapid Fire:
    Primarily effect: Increase your attack rate by 100% temporarily and lose some accuracy. Secondary effect: increase your attack speed and lose accuracy by relatively smaller amount.



    Ray the Techomancer. 

    Plasma Beam Pulser: Shoots a plasma beam pulses toward the target location.
    SuperMegaUltra Blaster: Charging up a TeraWatt Blaster using magical energy(Mana)then releases an energy blast, the longer Ray charges it the more damage.
    Energy Reservoir:
    Ray can reserve extra energy(mana) that is only usable by the blaster, in an energy tank, 
    Q: Portable Mana Siphon: Ray can use an empowered Mana Siphon trap part on any trap
    E: Alarm Robot: It alarms Ray and other players, and stuns the targets for a long duration when there is an enemy nearby it.

    Tier 1 Weaver:
    1.Enchanted Missiles:
    Ray enchants his weapon with magic. There is a chance that energy source/magic power residue(mana "potions") drops when a minion is attacked/killed by Ray.
    2.Academy Dropout: Ray's damage decreases by 20 percent in Academy relating map, but gains 20% damage in the other maps.
    3.I brought More: Allows Ray to place 1 additional empowered Mana Siphon.
    Tier 2 Weaver:
    1.Magical dimension: Increase the volume of energy reservoir by 50%.
    2. Transmutation: there is a chance that the minions hit by the SuperMegaUltra Blast turn into a chicken.
    3. Duplication: Allows Ray to place 1 additional Alarm Robot.
    Tier 3 Weaver:
    1.Energy Vaccum: Ray turns on his energy vacuum. It draws the energy residue nearby Ray automatically.
    2.Hostile Robot: Alarm robot kills the targets by denotating itself.
    3.Tech Savvy: Gears are 100% more powerful if they are used by Ray.

    Tier 4 Weaver:
    1.This is not science!:
    Instead of using "mana" source, Ray drains life energy from the minions nearby to charge up his blaster. The energy source residue becomes life energy residue(health "potions"). Energy Vaccum draws life residue instead.
    2.Supercapacitor/Superconductor Modification: Instead of charging over time, the blaster charges up in an instant and releases immediately after(uses all the mana).
    3.Supermegaultra Laser: Instead of charging over time, the blaster shoots a beam of laser continuously using mana.


    Middletown: Defend a rift party entrance in the middle of a town named Middleton. It has a broken water fountain or something in middle with a circular shaped street. This map has 4 lanes. It is 1 lane-able!
    Trolls' Liar: This map is located in troll's lair in the middle of Mt. Lol'ort. This map has trolls or mountains trolls addition to the orcs on every wave. Sometimes the portal even trolls us. It doesn't spawn minions even though it appears to be open for the wave. Or, it trolls us by spamming 50 trolls in one wave. GG?
    Archery: This map is self-explanatory. Long-range trap work best in this map. Most of the shorts range walls trap won't able to reach minions. There are many range minions in this map too. Flying minions!? Time for elf guardians?

    Shipwreck: The Order's fleet is ambushed by the Unchained. This map is located in the middle of an open sea. We def the rift in the commander's ship. We can put down many floor traps on the ships.  Ships are similar to those ships with dock guardian in other maps. There are not many spots for the ceiling or wall traps. Not to mention! Sharks say hi. Maybe water elements, too? 


    Guardian on Vacation: finish a game without losing any guardian
    Surprise! : kill a player with dobbin's tunnel buff
    Party time! : Play with a party of 5 players on Friday night
    Need more practice: got kill by bots more than 10 times in a game
    Want to get banned: kill a developer 20 times in a game
    Brave soul: 1v5 against bots in endless and die
    Stand on fire: get kill by fire decoration
    Lava bath: stand under lava trap in survival mode.
    Ready to rage quit: kill 3 or more players at once with Zoey's bookclub
    Ready to get banned: leave a game during the countdown
    Sharks say hi: drowns 10 times in shark map in survival.
    Cheesy: kill a guardian with midnight or Blackpaw without any minions present
    Turophile: cheese all the guardians in single game
    Trap Decoration: Place an icicle/boulder chute and never uses it
    Heroes must die!: Use hero seekers to kill player 100 times in siege
    Extra protection: let minions walk through the same type of glyph twice
    There is no Charlie: participate in closed/open Beta
    It is so shiny: Level a trap to tier6
    The 'Spring" trap: launch 6 minions at once with flip traps
    Me Crushed by Boss: Get killed by a boss in siege/survival
    Rip FPS: explode 100 boom barrel at once!
    You touch too hard: Get killed by your own attacks from max's Cannot touch this
    In whose face?: miss max's In your Face 100 times 
    Aimbot: Kill a player with Feebie's attack while that player is 30 yard from you.
    Paper Barricades: Get barricades destroyed 100 times.
    We need more traps: Level all the traps to tier 7
    GO home! you drunk!: kill 1000 minions while they are walking back to their portals in survival
    Where were the cookies?: Kill a friendly player with dobbin's tunnel.
    Millionaire: make a total of millions of coins in survival/siege.
    I really hurt myself: Get max killed within 3 seconds after place down a trap.
    I don't have a license: Snowball off the cliffs with Tundra's Avalanche.
    Over 9000!: Deal 9000 heroes damage in a siege game.
    Bird is the word: chat with a player with Bird in his/her name
    Patriot: block a rocket archer's rocket and die
    Born ready: press Z before the ready up message is shown
    Guardian's guardian kills 1000 minions nearby a low health guardian.
    You shall not pass!: Kill 1000 minions in rift room with Cygnus.
    Strike!: Kill 10 minions at once with Stinkeye's Bowling Ball trap.
    Let it go!: Use freedom trinket for 10 times while FROZEN
    Watchdog: Bites an enemy hero with Blackpaw in rift room.
    One does not simply Endless: reaches wave 50s in all endless maps.
    Meanwhile at your base..: lose a game while your team minions are about to reach the rift and win the game for you in siege.
    Money is everything: brought back from the death with coins in survival.
    Are we there yet?: Reroute the minions with the barricade such a way that the minions will take much longer to reach the rift.
    Ashes to Ashes: Kill Smolder within 3 second after Smolder uses From the Ashes.
    Target Practices: Land range attacks 10000 times in siege.
    The Wall:  win a game in the Wall map with wall traps only.
    Home Alone: Solo a lv 100 map and get 5 stars.
    Home, Sweet Home: Stand on the throne with Binoka in the Throne room Map.
    Domestic Abuses: Kill 2000 orcs with Bionka and Bloodspike.
    Little Girl: Nuke down 20 heavy minions at once and a guardian with Zoey.
    I get my license: Use Snowballing weaver upgrade for Tundra in a game.
    That was fast!: Use a speed pad and fell into the pit near the central fire pit in the Unchained Fortress.
    I demand the refund: Sell 1000 traps during the ready up phase.
    The story of my life: Knock 25 minions directly into the rifts with physical traps.
    Homecoming: Play unchained heroes in the Unchained Fortress.
    I need Mana!: Get Oziel killed within 3 seconds after using Essence Siphon with at least half of the life sacrifice.
    I didn't sign up for this: Get your barricades destroyed by placing a guardian or Gabriella's retainer nearby the barricades.
    Every details matter: Destroy all the caches, have at least 3 glyphs putting down and cap the natural objective within in a wave in Siege
    Son of a...: Kill Bionka with Bloodspike after Bionka takes damages from orcs.
    Stay cool: Make 100 minions freeze at least 15 second within 20 seconds.
    You were an accident: Kill Tubifore and Surge(the orc boss in survival I hope i didn't get the name wrong) with Bionka.
    I thought we had something: Kill and get killed by a friend 20 times in siege.
    How did that happen?: Get Ivy killed in a siege tutorial.
    Firework Uses Feebie's wraith with Zoey in all the map on July 4th.
    Who needs barricades?: Win 10 siege matches without using any barricades.
    Party hard: Play 100 games with a party of 3 or more players.
    Grind with the grinder: Obtain 100 rift cores by beating Survival games with just Grinder, no other trap is allowed.
    Try too hard; Deal 10 million damage in an endless game.
    Hey! That's mine! : Steal a friend and an enemy pillager's cache.
    I thought it generates power: Die next to a power generates 20 times.
    Out of range: Dodge hero-seeker ballista' arrow 10 times.
    You are not my type: use Freedom trinket 10 times while effects by Garberlla's Devious Allure.
    Just passing by: Destroy a cache while teammates nearby are defending or attacking.
    I thought he is our enemy: Use Rum-rudder guardian and have it kill 100 orcs.
    Family reunion: Place down Lion, Dragon, Sun, and Moon guardians in a game.
    I should get a job: Play more than 3000 hours in this game in less than 5 months.
    Meatshield!: Die by taking damage for your friends
    Is that all you get?: try to use a skill without mana 50 times.
    Bearly make it!: Get 5 star with Tundra and get the par time with less than 3 seconds left.
    The true Rift lord: Get 5 star and have won all the Rift lord maps with Cygnus.
    Archery training: Shoot the dummy with Ivy in Training Ground.
    Goody goody: Kill MoneyBag within 5 seconds after it appears.
    For the Order!: play Ordered heroes and kill 5000 Unchained minions.
    For the Unchained!: play Unchained heroes and kill 5000 Order minions.
    Just doing my job: Kill unstable rift at once with each hero
    You are not my boss: Kill every boss at least once using any of the Big Game Hunter trap. 
    Gravedigger: Dig a tunnel with Dobbin in the graveyard section of Temple Graveyard
    The glitch in the Matrix: use Rumrudder Guardian to kill Rumrudder Boss in any of pirate theme maps.
    My hammer is bigger: use Blacksmith Guardian to kill Armor Grizzlies.
    Wrong coupon: Win a game with the wrong type of trap discount trait that doesn't match any type of the traps you are using.
    I've got everything covered! Put down a wall trap, a floor trap, a ceiling trap, and a guardian in a game.
    I will build a great wall!: Put down 500 Great Wall Barricade in the Wall.
    777 jackpot: Upgrade at least a wall trap, a floor trap, and a ceiling trap to tier 7.
    Master and Apprentice: Complete a map in Apprentice difficulty and a map in Master difficulty in a party with Cygnus and Max.
    Treasure hunters: Obtain 100 chests.
    Wall Building Master: Use Wall Building Phd Trait at least once in all of the Master difficulty maps.
    Permanent Head Damage: Win a game in every map with Wall Building Phd Trait and Barricades/the Great Wall only.
    Sewer Pest Control: Kill 10,000 kobolds/Satyrs and Swiftyhoove 20 times in Academy Sewer.
    Fire Extinguisher: Kill 20,000 fire type minions with ice traps.
    Rift Sniper: Kill 50 unstable rift with ballista/dragon lancer.
    The Pylon: empower 72 traps at once with Cygnus's pylon.
    I told you: Kill enemy or minions 2000 times with Max's You Cannot Touch This.
    Laser tag: Kill 500 enemy with Stinkeye's laser.
    You had one job: Lose all 25 rift in the first wave of the first map in the tutorial.


    Thank you for reading.
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    Feebie the bird.
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