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  • Re: Fire Elementals(Rift Lord)

    push traps facing each other op op 

    old video 
  • Re: Best Traps For Killboxes?

    Push traps plus kinetic reclamers on each /opposite sides of a hallway/box are awesome.  They can even stack multiple levels for hilarious effect.
    Finally someone who appreciates Push trap! It is not always about damage right!
  • Re: Pathing changes intended? Minions don't need LOS to know path blocked.

    raylei said:
    The line of sight collision with convex set, sounds like a research problem to me. Ever heard of  Art_gallery_problem?

    My observation: In some map, orcs have to make going left or right decision. If they take the one with the path, which eventually "blocked" by our cades, (orcs don't know it is blocked. Orcs cannot see the future! Think about it!), they usually travel to the farthest waypoint that is not blocked in the path, then turn around. The path might differ slightly depending on the portal which those sad orcs spawned from. Sometimes, I notice the orcs(label them with A) from the different portal choose not to go further into the blocked path before they reach the farthest waypoint(the waypoint which is the farthest for the orcs(label them with B ) from the other portal, but it is not the farthest for the orcs(label with A)) in the blocked path. It seems to be that there are bound on the distance for each portal, but it could be just me get confused by the waypoint for minions from different portals. 

    Black and red are original. Light purple and yellow=after blocked. I might be wrong though.

    If that were the case, why minions on Crogon keep can be tricked into doing the whole map twice or pretty much the same on Eventide Fortress or The Wall?
    Because of the waypoints. I am not sure what you mean by doing the whole map twice. Did you mean some path overlap itself sometimes?

    For examples: 

    the portal for the Eventide fortresses from the right side:

    Green is original. Red is after blocked.
    the orcs from the portal won't know the shortest path from the waypoint 3 to the way point 4 is blocked until they reach 3(poor orcs), so they have to turn around and go through blacksmith twice and the small portion of the right part 3 times before they reach the way point 4!

    The right portal for the Wall:

    Similar idea. Blue is original. Red is after blocked. You can make red path even longer by blocking the bottom part and force them to go to the blacksmith first on the left side.

    The top left portal for Crogon keep:
    Green is original. Red is after blocked.

    I guess this is what Shade dev. meant for the Stable of Eventide? Something like this:

  • Enable color Html for post please

    Is it possible to enable colors tag for the post/comments? Black and white color for the words are dull. Colors can help people highlight thoughts and organized stuff for a better discussion. Especially dat patch notes! Everything is white.  

    Thank you.
    something like this: (Disclaimer: This is basic html/css editing on browser from client side. It doesn affect the server)

  • In your humble opinion, what does Omdu need the most now?

    Just curious, ya know?

    Please vote :D 
    What does Omdu need the most now? Not just small changes. If there would be a big patch that focuses on one of the following, which one do you think Omdu need most(assuming that there are enough resources and all these resources available will be used to implement the patch )?

    I voted "Other" because we need more than 10 options for polling. We need 20 options! We cannot make more than 10 options in the poll. I would vote ALL.