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  • Re: iMage Bugs -- Please report all bugs relating to iMage in this thread

    We have passed that one along to the team! (The map is Castle gates) and it should be fixed soon! Apologies for the wait and thank you for reporting, as always! :)
  • Re: Kleine Ankündigung: Vorschläge, Bugs, technische Probleme usw.

    Ich habe die Bedenken bezüglich des Range Indicators weitergereicht und gefragt, ob die Zerstörung durch Hindernisse gewollt ist. Da momentan in Amerika Feiertage sind könnte die Antwort noch bis nächste Woche dauern, ich hoffe das ist in Ordnung. Momentan ist sozusagen nur eine Notfallbesatzung aus dem Community Team und den Supportmitarbeitern da.
  • Re: New badges

    Somebody recently mentioned on the OAD stream that they would love to see some more "serious" skins and skins based around northern european mythology certainly would fit in well with that. Regarding designs that are based on OMD 1 and 2, those are mostly done because the team often gets asked by fans of the older series to bring those back. Many of the "vets" have a favourite design they would love to see make a come back so the team makes a lot of those. But of course new ideas like yours are also always appreciated! Let's see what else the community will come up with  =) 
  • Re: Dear ROBOT devs: Trap Stats at the end of the game would be cool. :D

    We've had this suggestion pop up here and there a few times but it's always good to be reminded, thank you for the idea! :)
  • Re: Ps4 Dc

    Hey there, sorry to hear about your trouble. Since we haven't heard of anybody else experiencing this, it might be something specific to your account, so submitting a ticket with our support (!/en/support/contact-us) and providing a description of your problem as well as your PSN would be really helpful. Support will be able to look in-depth into your account and see what's been going on.