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  • Re: New badges

    Somebody recently mentioned on the OAD stream that they would love to see some more "serious" skins and skins based around northern european mythology certainly would fit in well with that. Regarding designs that are based on OMD 1 and 2, those are mostly done because the team often gets asked by fans of the older series to bring those back. Many of the "vets" have a favourite design they would love to see make a come back so the team makes a lot of those. But of course new ideas like yours are also always appreciated! Let's see what else the community will come up with  =) 
  • Re: Dear ROBOT devs: Trap Stats at the end of the game would be cool. :D

    We've had this suggestion pop up here and there a few times but it's always good to be reminded, thank you for the idea! :)
  • Re: Ps4 Dc

    Hey there, sorry to hear about your trouble. Since we haven't heard of anybody else experiencing this, it might be something specific to your account, so submitting a ticket with our support (!/en/support/contact-us) and providing a description of your problem as well as your PSN would be really helpful. Support will be able to look in-depth into your account and see what's been going on.
  • I couldn't resist sharing

    I was finally able to beat the last three Rift Lord maps with 5 stars tonight and I'm way more excited than I should be so I couldn't resist sharing  :3

    Thank you @CremoAcanthis ( and @mdragoon ( for their awesome tutorials on youtube and a double thanks to Cremo for helping me find my mistake on Eventide Fortress (RL). Also thank you @Krusader88 for helping me with the par time on Maximum Security and everybody who's been sharing awesome tips on the forums. 
  • Re: Why is Oziel is useless?

    Theetis said:
    I like Oziel the way he is now. The only hero that's godawfully useless is Max, unless you're here to simply get more coin. And Dobbin is still better at that. And Dobbin actually does damage. And contributes to the team in any way.
    I think that's just a matter of preference. I used Max to 5 star every map up to and including Master. He is great to get kill boxes because you pay less for traps, his aoe damage is awesome for killing runners and his combo is a near one-hit kill for almost every merch / boss.