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  • Re: When I have level 7 of some trap I get Gibs?

    They are a secondary currency that can be used to unlock various things in the Gibbs Store. You can find it under "premium shoppe" in the "shop" tab. It offers traps and parts chests, some skins and various cosmetics.
  • Re: Any fellow PS4 players think the Yi-Lin pack is BS?

    Hey there. I understand your frustration and your feedback has been noted and passed along to the team. However, please refrain from creating multiple discussions with almost the same exact content. Given that your first discussion about this posed a question to PC players rather than just stating your discontent, I will leave both threads open for now. Please stick to the avilable discussions about this topic if you want to add anything else. 
  • Re: My Review.

    We generally prefer not to suspend or ban players and while we don't always agree with the tone used by some of the more outspoken fans of the game, criticism and feedback are important for us to improve the game. On that note, I would like to remind both sides of the argument here to please try and stay polite and on the topic of the review and the points mentioned therein. If this thread derails into us blaming or accusing each other it will have to be closed again and I would prefer not to do that since this is obviously important to Kicked.
  • Re: Bring back Siege!

    Even after the content is finished in a basic form it still has to be tested and balanced. Tencent chose to release some content during their ongoing beta that Robot has chosen to continue working on and has released more recently and will release very soon.
  • Re: OMDU: Lore and Story Explained

    Fcseven said:
    I asked in a livestream once if Hero Academy and OMD shared the same universe because the characters look so similar but got no response. It must have been a dumb question...
    Apologies, we probably missed your question! I just checked with Harmonia to make sure and they definitely do not share the same universe!