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  • Re: Hello! Some tips?

    If you like the CC-/Support style, try Ivy. She has a great knockback, a stun and an area of effect heal for you and your team mates. If you'd like to try some tankier options, check out Tundra and Hogarth. They are both ice heroes with a lot of CC. (Tundra has more CC and is a little more mobile while Hogarth is a bit tankier).

    Also welcome to OMDU!
  • Re: Интерес к игре на 100 уровне

    Quick translation of Leshii's post (with the help of google translate:)

    After reaching level 100 and having most / all traps t7 there is nothing to spend skulls / gibbs on so they accumulate until they crowd the entire screen. Since this means that rewards gained through survival and similar modes after this point no longer feel useful, it leaves sabotage as the only fun game mode after a while. Playing against other players in sabotage can be fun and challenging but gets boring after a time if you cannot enjoy any other mode. Please add more things to spend skulls and gibbs on for those who have maxed out their currency.

    We have heard a lot of this kind of feedback and have gotten several interesting and fun suggestions. Some of the more popular ones are adding more Dragon skins in the Gibbs shop, adding very high priced special skins for gibbs or skulls and the option to directly purchase gear, guardians or trap parts at a significantly increased price, also for either skulls or gibbs and to help veterans finish their collection of traps, gear and guardians. We're passing all these suggestions along to design as they are made and the team is currently looking into how we can use some of these, but there are unfortunately no specifics to share yet regarding future additions to the shop(s).

    Google translation of my response:
    Мы слышали много такого рода отзывов и получили несколько интересных и интересных предложений. Некоторые из наиболее популярных из них - это добавление большего количества шкурок дракона в магазин Gibbs, добавление очень дорогих специальных скинов для гиббсов или черепов и возможность непосредственного приобретения снаряжения, опекунов или ловушек по значительно более высокой цене, а также для черепов или гиббов и помочь ветеранам закончить сбор ловушек, снаряжения и опекунов. Мы передаем все эти предложения вместе с дизайном, поскольку они сделаны, и команда в настоящее время изучает, как мы можем использовать некоторые из них, но, к сожалению, нет никакой особой информации о будущем добавлении в магазин (ы).

  • Re: Weekly challenge Bug: playing alone Memory lanes keeps the minimap active

    Thank you for the additional suggestions! I have passed them along to Design. Since we had many complaints in the past that weekly challenges where both far too easy and far too difficult we've been trying to alternate between easier and more difficult ones to offer something for everybody. But specific feedback like this helps a lot :)
  • Re: Temple Graveyard - Mercs Out of Bounds - Die without Hero Dps

    Thank you for the additional information and the screenshot! I have passed this along to the team. As mentioned by Brasegapok, the damage over time effect in those little areas is intended (apologies for not realizing earlier that this is what was killing your merc!). However, the kill message you receive if a merc dies there is either a bug or an oversight on our part that we'll have to take a look at.
  • Re: Does each tick from a fire-based trap (scorcher, brimstone, etc) help a trap w/ heat activated trigg

    I can confirm that a minion with a burning debuff from several different sources does not have an increased chance of triggering the heat trigger. The trigger just checks if the enemy is on fire when entering the range of the trap it's slotted in and if it is, it uses rng to determine weather it will get triggered or not. The amount of burning debuffs does not influence this rng.