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  • Re: Cant accept game sometimes in survival. Getting early leaving penalty (PS4)

    Hey everyone. Thank you for alerting us to this. The team is already aware of the issue and are working on fixing it ASAP. Apologies for the trouble.
  • Re: My Review.

    Your temporary suspensions on Steam and our forums were a direct result of your disrespectful behavior toward other members of the community as well as repeated infractions of both Steam's Discussion rules as well as the Rules & Guidelines of our forum. Similarly, your permanent ban from the Steam forums is a direct result of you continuing in this manner after your suspension ended. Insulting and or slandering community members and staff you disagree with is unacceptable. Let this serve as your final warning to stick to our rules & guidelines or you will find yourself removed from our official forums here as well.
  • Re: Looking for a stable team to play (PC - Europe)

    Hey there! I created a topic for the purpose of finding teammates a while ago. It was initially intended to help people who were starting out on PS4 but feel free to post your info for PC in there as well! I hope you find some nice folks to play with and continue to enjoy our game!
  • Re: A Look into the Future of OMDU!

    Hey there Axony,

    I can see that you are a little underwhelmed, but there is more (a lot more) than just the 3 maps and Yi-Lin coming. We will be revealing more and more of what's going to be in the update on special streams each thursday so hopefully you'll find some more things to look forward to as we get closer to the release.

    Was there something you had thought would be in the update which you were excited about and are disappointed it's not there?
    I know you've shared some awesome ideas and insights about OMDU with us on the forums in the past so I would love to get your input on what you thought should be / have been in this update or what you think we should put into the game in terms of a long-term goal for players to work towards.
  • Trouble with 5 Star achievements? Post here!

    Hello everybody! We noticed that a few players have been experiencing trouble in getting the appropriate rewards for their "Star Killer" achievement (reaching 5 stars on all survival maps). The bug that caused these issues was fixed in a past patch but unfortunately, some accounts that accumulated their first stars prior to the fix might still be bugged and will have to contact support so they can award the rewards on a case to case basis. So if you have achieved 5 stars on all survival maps but did not receive your rewards, please submit a ticket with our support, including your account name and - if possible - a screenshot that shows that you have completed 5 stars for all maps on said account. Also don't forget to let us know if you are playing on PC or PS4! Alternatively, you can post below and provide us with your account name and a screenshot and the forum moderators will contact support for you. This might take a little longer than contacting support via a ticket directly. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you keep on killing those orcs and having a blast with your friends!


    Account Name: sashimiak