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  • Re: Add all Maps to Rift Lord

    Thank you for the feedback, I have passed it along to the team!
  • Re: Sound turns to screeches, not sure the cause. (answered)

    Hey there! Thank you for posting, I'm sorry to hear about the issue. What you describe could unfortunately be related to a number of things (sound card, headset as you suspect, software issues, etc.). Is there any way I could get you to submit a ticket with our support and tell them about the trouble in as much detail as possible? (how long does the screechy sound usually persist, how do you normally fix it if it doesn't go away on its own, what hardware do you use?) Anything might help support in figuring out what is going on.
    Apologies for the trouble.
  • Re: how about making 5 star chests available to all heroes?

    Hey there. I don't mean to dismiss your points or argue your feedback, but this topic is very old and many of the points discussed above don't apply any longer (some still do). I know it's a lot of trouble, but perhaps you could open a new, seperate thread and explain your grievances there? It would make it easier for players (and us) to understand your gripes and we wouldn't get confused about old things mentioned above that do not apply anymore. Regardless, thank you for sharing your feedback.
  • Re: Cooldown of traps displayed incorrectly?

    Thank you for posting these! I have passed them on to the team to take another look at the trap descriptions and make sure everything's up to date.
  • Re: Consumables

    Hey there and sorry for the trouble! Since you've already submitted a ticket, support should take care of the issue for your account. I have also alerted our team to the issue. Thank you for posting!