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  • Re: Patch Update 2.6 - Endless Mode - 40 Minute Maximum Time Limit on PS4

    @ Elvick - Tip - When you start match, you want to ready up as soon as possible otherwise if you are setting up traps for a few mins, it will deduct time.

    Also keep in mind if you pause the game it will also deduct time, so that may be why you are seeing the cutoff at such inconsistent times such as 34 or 37 mins etc. The total obtainable time seems to be at 39:55 if you hustle fast. 2 seconds to back out of hero info & a 3 second countdown to start match.

    While it is unfortunate, we just have to make the best with what we have for now. Which was why I felt inclined to 5 star all the Endless maps in under 40.

    Idk just trying to look on the positive side of things, because it’s much easier to dwell than it is to push yourself to new limits if you know what I mean - not directed at you - just in general. 

    I saw you’re post a few mins ago about the controller config and since you seem like a reasonable person, I will let you know that there is a few different Visual effects options you can turn off in game on PS4 which have helped me big time  since back in the day 

    But no matter what if you get about 50 enemies playing ping pong with push traps, it’s gunna lag regardless. But some heroes are better in the lag than others.

    different heroes you use may give you more or less framerate issues, regardless of the number of enemies on the map.
  • Re: Observation re:frame rate drop (ps4)

    That problem you are talking about has been here since the game released on console, nothings changed.

    Frame rate drops vary from Hero to Hero. Some are better, some are much worse. Assuming this is in relation to each heroes animations, weavers or coding.

    I’m not talking about when there is 50 enemies piled up.

    This is a separate issue that is related to each specific Hero which will cause more or less frame rate drops even with 0 enemies present. 

    On a more familiar topic, the Bluescreen error code back in the day would happen sooner for most people, versus if you chose key specific heroes  and changed visual settings I know you are aware of, you could play up to “1 hour & 30 minutes” on console/Endless before. which very few people realized and is why there was so many people aggravated at the Bluescreen at 10 mins or w/e

    You ever wonder why no one could ever make it to a high wave using Oziel? Same situation.

    Unfortunately, El Dobbin “one of my fav hero’s” was unplayable due to him having a higher Bluescreen rate on him. I tested many heroes and it all came back the same. 

    These key specific heros that Im talking about and tested all could consistently hit the 1hr30min mark, while more animation heavy - based heros could barely make 5 star before Bluescreen. It’s no surprise.
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  • Patch Update 2.6 - Endless Mode - 40 Minute Maximum Time Limit on PS4

    Currently under "Patch Update 2.6" - All Endless Maps can be 5 Starred within the 40 minute maximum time limit on PS4.

    I had received a few messages in regards to these 2 specific Rift Lord Endless Maps - The Wall and Avalanche - about the 5 star being unobtainable in the 40 minute time limit.

    Hope this will give some kind of inspiration to my fellow orc slayers that are still looking to complete.

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  • Re: Release 2.6 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    It’s not that ridiculous compared to acheivements in other games.

    Everybody just wants easy street for the platinum. Most PS4 players are used to getting platinum trophies overnight so they are shocked about Empty Pockets. 

    No brainstorming new ideas, no creating new trap layouts and of course let’s not learn new methods to maximize combos which in turn will give you a lot more gold if optimized properly and have a good weaver rotation.

    Nope I don’t want to do none of that, lemme just get a weekly challenge to burn a million gold and another nerf to the achievement?

    Power generators were making people lazy if you ask me! Glad they nerfed them!
  • Re: Release 2.6 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    There are a lot more ways to earning gold faster with different methods than waiting for power generators to hit the enemies and in the “long run” you will earn the achievement faster NOT using power generators at all. Just fyi. 
    There is no reason for them to nerf the acheivement. Seems like most PS4 players always just want an easy way out to a platinum trophy versus just enjoying the game.
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