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    @hellforce13 Nope, none of those are me. I wouldn’t do that. I was referring to PS4 profiles by the way.

    @DaTeddyBear I sincerely thank you for saying that. i didn’t see this until now, but the little apprection means a great deal to me and brings me happiness. I also enjoy watching both of them Kefka and Vermillion are very informative helpful people.

    I usually try to be a easygoing and nice or helpful person, but I may as well just let it all out in the open now so it’s not a surprise to anyone anymore. I struggle with a medical condition and I have a hard time communicating verbally which is why you have never heard a mic on my old streams, the information I want to relay wouldn’t come out proper like it would through text and wouldn’t want to sound like an idiot trying to explain my strategies or knowledge about this game verbally. All the medications I’m required to intake daily don’t do anything to fix my problem and can make my emotions volatile at times. I do apologize if it has came off as an rude person. But i usually never go off on people like that unless someone press me. I hope we can bury this situation and will try to be cordial.

    Happy holidays 
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    Did you all come over from call of duty or something!? Because it certainly feels that way. Modded? What a joke. Whatever you need to tell yourself to feel better....

    Go kick rocks and you’ll earn 1 million gold every 32 minutes without power generators. You gotta be crazy if you think I’m gunna help you out after your attitude. You blew it. I have helped a lot of people on this game through my streams if you consider that selfish? And never gold boosted in endless with power gens... If you think this is my main profile I don’t know what to tell you. Best of luck.

    No need to deteriorate the patch notes more than it already has been. If you wanna talk smack send me a pm, otherwise gg.
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    @Onewolverine1 You missed the entire point of convo.

    Endless isn’t the most effective for gold and neither are power generators.

    I earn more gold per minute in a few specific maps which I’m not going to mention to you, just out of sure kindness of not helping you wolverine. 

    I can make about 1 million gold every 32 minutes without the use of power generators, no bounty generators and no El Dobbin. 

    I was going to eventually open up and share my info, until I saw you’re response.

    Now you will just have to find out on your own.

    Have fun beating this score Wolverine. maybe you could use those op power generators. They sure will allow you to hit those x15 combos solo

    Rift Lord
    Survival Mode
    1 player  
    Crogon Keep
    Score - 59,666,848
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    It’s not that ridiculous compared to acheivements in other games.

    Everybody just wants easy street for the platinum. Most PS4 players are used to getting platinum trophies overnight so they are shocked about Empty Pockets. 

    No brainstorming new ideas, no creating new trap layouts and of course let’s not learn new methods to maximize combos which in turn will give you a lot more gold if optimized properly and have a good weaver rotation.

    Nope I don’t want to do none of that, lemme just get a weekly challenge to burn a million gold and another nerf to the achievement?

    Power generators were making people lazy if you ask me! Glad they nerfed them!
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    Gotta hand it to you all at Robot, Goob Job!

    Thanks for the exciting patch notes today and even though Endless is a complicated problem to fix, I definitely can see a bright future for the game and I’m glad to be a part of it. 

    The changes to the Guardians are absolutely OP and being able to have Custom Sabotage Matches is Awesome!

    I smell a new meta for Eventide Fortress - “11 Stablehand Guardians” haha will require a lot of chicken feed for them, so be prepared.

    Have a few questions

    1. The trap part “triggers” in game already all have a listed damage increase.

    For example the Combo Generator already has a 10% damage increase listed in its description in game. With the new patch, will it increase it to 20% damage?

    Ambush trigger has a listed 25% damage increase in game, so with the new patch will it be a 50% damage increase? 

    2. “Counter Gameplay” - With the addition of a New Sabotage Consumable and Chaos Trial Modifier “Hide Minimap” 

    Do you plan in the future to make a trait that will provide counter gameplay to the “Hide Minimap” effect in exchange for using one of your trait slots?

    3. Do you plan to fix the Big Game Arrow Wall and the Big Game Hunter Zapper “not targeting Unstable Rifts?”

    Or are they designed to only take out bosses and mercs? While the BGH ballista takes out rifts?


    I’m sure I will have some more questions in the future. But at this time, I just want to take this moment to squash any beef or negativity any of you at Robot may feel towards me. I’m a big supporter in you’re game and wish nothing but the best for you. 

    P.S. Whoever created the “Trap Slogans” in game deserves a raise!