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    This thread is to show some appreciation to the dedicated players who have reached the maximum level of 100. Add your name below.

    PS: could we get a badge or title?
  • Re: The Skin Suggestion Thread

    "You Dirty Rat" Gangster Max with Tommy gun

    Orchestra Conductor Temper

    Ben Franklin Cygnus

    Uncle Sam Cygnus
  • Re: Utility Trait

    I see your reasoning is that there is a trait for each of the damage types but not one for the non-damaging traps. 

    I think barricades and tars would be too cheap and over powered with this. I don't mind it applying to the wells, although I don't see myself placing many of them, so I doubt it would be useful if only applied to them. 
  • Re: Lock skins, and dyes for auto use!

    Has been mentioned before. I think at the time they said it was technically a big overhead to do this. 
  • Re: A question once again


    Flying minions would force melee characters to play the game a certain way. If you took gear to compensate you are already at a loss due to the fact you can't use it as fast as an auto attack. It would also require mana use, and typically melee heroes have less mana than a ranged Mage type hero. This also means the loss of one gear slot compared to a ranged hero. 

    If there was a platform or low spot on the maps where you could melee attack the fliers, this means you would be restricted to that spot (or close to it), which is another restriction ranged heroes would not have. The same would apply if there was an operable environmental crossbow etc. 

    If you took a specific trap to compensate, you are then disadvantaged by one less trap slot, loss of cash, trap cap space, and still can't guarantee it would kill all fliers. Again none of these disadvantages apply to a ranged hero. 

    Some me people complain now that you are forced to play maps a certain way (eg have to kill at spawn to get five stars). Imagine the complaints of you had all of the above restrictions.