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  • Re: What maps have enough spawns for "Kill 1200 Minions"'?

    Rather than minions per map you should be looking at minions per minute. If a map can do half the minions in under half the time, it would be worth doing it twice. Furthermore of you have the "win X games" quest, it would contribute towards that. 
  • Re: Replace hero loot chest once per level with loot chest per win

    Currently there are 56 maps per hero (16 heroes) not including Chaos Trials. Chaos trials does not depend on which hero you are using, and technically has no limit on the amount of chests you can earn with one hero. 

    What you are suggesting is that everybody just grind The Baths map endlessly until they have unlocked everything in the game. There would also be no point in buying new heroes with what you suggest. Furthermore there would be no point playing with other people as they may steal the only hero you play with. 

    I suggest you you play the original Orcs Must Die game. It sounds like that is the game you want. 
  • The Level 100 Club

    This thread is to show some appreciation to the dedicated players who have reached the maximum level of 100. Add your name below.

    PS: could we get a badge or title?
  • Re: The Skin Suggestion Thread

    "You Dirty Rat" Gangster Max with Tommy gun

    Orchestra Conductor Temper

    Ben Franklin Cygnus

    Uncle Sam Cygnus
  • Re: Utility Trait

    I see your reasoning is that there is a trait for each of the damage types but not one for the non-damaging traps. 

    I think barricades and tars would be too cheap and over powered with this. I don't mind it applying to the wells, although I don't see myself placing many of them, so I doubt it would be useful if only applied to them.