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  • Re: Brimstone vs. Cursed Ground

    Brimstone useful against fast minions and in corner where minions cut the corner. Does not depend on how long a minion is on the trap. Need to keep brimstone apart as for does not stack. 

    Cursed ground is useful where minions are slower down in a straight line. Can spam these next to each other. 
  • Re: Unlocked Stinkeye: gameplay discussion, tips, stuff.

    Stinkeye has become a mini game like Dobbin. I guess this is to encourage player movement, I don't mind it, but maybe there are other better options.

    There are other heroes that can be just as static eg Bionka (she actually may be even a little bit more boring). 

    I like game mechanics that are somewhat different such as the laser totem. This required some strategy, but maybe the uptime and damage was too great and lead to complacency. 

    A laser alternative suggestion: attack chaining between wrath totems.

    You would have to place multiple totems and shoot one, they in turn will shoot projectiles towards the others. This would mean that it is essentially a laser that only exists while you shoot at the totem, but could be extended to maybe 3 or 4 totems. Totems would be time limited and require recasting. Each individual totem would not fire at enemies, just towards another totem. 
  • Re: New Daily Quests

    Could the solution to the boss quests be changing "kill" to just require an "assist" killing the boss?

    That way you could have multiple people all get the reward from the same game, but still requires interaction, ie you can't get the reward for somebody else killing the boss while you are on the otherwise of the map. 
  • Re: Unlocked Stinkeye: gameplay discussion, tips, stuff.

    I actually would like a difficult to play hero that has a powerful payoff. I'm not too sure that the "laser stinkeye" was a good example, but it was going down that path. 

    The difficulty came when you had to leave your prime spot and maybe quickly set up elsewhere. However the preparation time before waves made it too easy to begin with. 

    I note in a previous thread about how much health Stinkeye has for a caster. That seems to indicate the devs wanted a more melee range character using arcane anomaly. The forthcoming change seems more inline with that ethos. 

    Hopefully the weaver upgrades will allow some play style flexibility, so that you can focus on just totems style play, or arcane anomaly style of play, rather than totems being a rather inconsequential item in play altogether. 
  • Re: Stuck in Apprentice Difficulty (Advice Needed)

    Two diagonal barricades can do the same job as three barricades in an L shape. This saves some coin for more traps. 

    @austin101 if you see me online, I'm happy to help you out.