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  • Eventide Fortress and the missing horses

    Are there horses in the Territories Humaine? I assume there are horses as the stable hand guardian has a horse shoe icon. 

    I wonder who in the Territories Humaine designed and built Eventide Fortress? Why did they make the horses walk up and down stairs to enter and leave the Fortress? Is the lack of horses due to the fact they all broke their legs and had to be put down?

  • Re: 2.147 billion score and 32 bit int overflow possible with the new scoring system

    Sean Poe can break anything. He is like the opposite to Bob The Builder. 
  • Re: Sabotage Matchmaking

    Let's see how many people drop off in the following months. Open beta started with 2700 people average and dropped to 850 within 4 weeks according to Steam charts. 6 months later the average was 80. 

    Hooefully the same thing doesn't happen here. 
  • Re: Headshots - Robot Entertainment PLEASE.

    Headshots for Dobbin please!
  • Re: Ironsides achievement feedback

    Note that some of that 18% healing could have been from before that game. In which case we did less than that in the 1.5 hours we played.
    At a couple of points Hogarth was taking damage about as fast as I could heal him, although this was not consistent through the entire length of the game.

    Assume rate of 100 damage per second.
    1,000,000 damage/100 = 10,000 seconds
    10,000 seconds = 167 minutes (rounding up)
    167 minutes =  2 hours 47 minutes of constant damage

    This however does not take into account any time you may need to break combat and heal up, or any time between waves of minions hitting you.
    If Ivy casts approx every 15 seconds, Hogarth will take approx 1500 damage during that time at the above rates.