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  • Re: Best 3 hero teams? Best traps? Or combos? (kinda new)

    As previously mentioned there is no really bad hero, but certainly there can be some synergy between heroes.

    Arcane damage debuff stacks, so using arcane damage traps in combination with arcane heroes will stack up quicker. Arcane heroes are Stinkeye, Oziel and Gabriella.

    Ice heroes Tundra and Hogarth can work well together to apply cold stacks to freeze enemies. You can combine this with other cold traps, later on you can use ice resonators on traps to increase trap damage to frozen enemies. 

    Smolder benefits from having fire traps around to set enemies alight. Combine this with the Naptha sprayer trap. Fire resonators and heat triggers are useful later on. 

    Ivy is useful with almost any other heroes due to her heal and enemy rooting ability. 

    Alternatively applying multiple types of effects eg burning, slow, etc will add to combo points. 

  • Re: Stunning accumulator still working?

    Flip trap will activate no matter what steps on it (assuming no trigger parts), although it cannot throw large minions. The stunning accumulator debuff only applies to thrown minions. All physics traps are the same, none can throw large minions, and therefore stunning accumulator does not apply a debuff to them. 

    This was listed as a bug fix in patch 2.4
    • "Fixed a bug where Stunning Accumulator was affecting all minions, rather than flipped minions."
  • Re: Goal 3 actually being progressed before it starts?

    I further note the dates on the goals are not all sequential. 

    Goal 1 opens: 12/20/2017
    Goal 2 opens: 12/21/2017
    Goal 3 opens: 12/20/2017 (note same day as goal 1)

  • Re: Endless Banquet Hall Crashing

    Also worth noting is that in general Robot is an unreleased patch in front of us. This means if you discover a bug now, it won't be fixed in the very next patch, but likely to be in the one following that. 
  • Re: PS4 controller layout comments

    I played it again a short while ago. In general the controls do not seem to correspond with the PlayStation menu style.

    The dashboard:

    - Navigation problems:
    No set consistency, unintuitive, different buttons to select different screen items. Unable to leave a queue. 

    The navigation menu suggests to click Triangle to select it, however this just results in a radial menu popping up which you then need to select workshop, profile etc again which is unnecessary. 
    Hitting L1 and R1 navigates across the sub menu. L3 for opening chests, R3 for queuing etc. This is confusing, and not necessary. 

    Navigating by use of the touchpad isn't bad, however not all dashboard buttons can be selected once moused over. I also found this slower compared to if I had control pad navigation. 

    Treat the dashboard like the PS home screen. Navigate with the plus controller, select with X and go back with O. 

    Eg: Navigate with plus to workshop, hit X, this put the focus on the workshop submenu, go right to highlight gear, click X, right to select having root, click X to read description. Bang bang bang. 
    Simple and consistent. 

    - Unable to leave queue
    I accidentally hit R3 instead of L3 when you want to open a chest and suddenly you are in a queue. There is no way to leave the queue until it finds a match and you abandon it. 

    Solution: change the dashboard navigation, remove the confusing L3 R3 mechanics. Add a button to cancel the queue. 

    - No controller configuration options. Cannot reassign buttons. 

    - Cannot aim and use Epic skill at the same time. This affects:
    Max - In your Face
    Dobbin - Throw Dynamite
    Blackpaw - Bite
    Tundra - flash freeze
    Bloodspike - axe throw eviscerate(?)

    Solution: reassign abilities to L1 and L2 (as per initial post) which is where your fingers should be when fighting.