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  • Re: PS4 controller layout comments

    I played it again a short while ago. In general the controls do not seem to correspond with the PlayStation menu style.

    The dashboard:

    - Navigation problems:
    No set consistency, unintuitive, different buttons to select different screen items. Unable to leave a queue. 

    The navigation menu suggests to click Triangle to select it, however this just results in a radial menu popping up which you then need to select workshop, profile etc again which is unnecessary. 
    Hitting L1 and R1 navigates across the sub menu. L3 for opening chests, R3 for queuing etc. This is confusing, and not necessary. 

    Navigating by use of the touchpad isn't bad, however not all dashboard buttons can be selected once moused over. I also found this slower compared to if I had control pad navigation. 

    Treat the dashboard like the PS home screen. Navigate with the plus controller, select with X and go back with O. 

    Eg: Navigate with plus to workshop, hit X, this put the focus on the workshop submenu, go right to highlight gear, click X, right to select having root, click X to read description. Bang bang bang. 
    Simple and consistent. 

    - Unable to leave queue
    I accidentally hit R3 instead of L3 when you want to open a chest and suddenly you are in a queue. There is no way to leave the queue until it finds a match and you abandon it. 

    Solution: change the dashboard navigation, remove the confusing L3 R3 mechanics. Add a button to cancel the queue. 

    - No controller configuration options. Cannot reassign buttons. 

    - Cannot aim and use Epic skill at the same time. This affects:
    Max - In your Face
    Dobbin - Throw Dynamite
    Blackpaw - Bite
    Tundra - flash freeze
    Bloodspike - axe throw eviscerate(?)

    Solution: reassign abilities to L1 and L2 (as per initial post) which is where your fingers should be when fighting. 
  • Re: Replacing, Sabotage ELO and more from the initial game

    As this game is online and not on a standalone local PC, time limits are a server constraint to prevent people tying up server resources indefinitely. 
  • Re: Either limit premades to each other or limit teams to 2

    One solution is to not have a random queue, but force people to create their own teams before they enter matchmaking. It's not the best solution though. 
  • Eventide Fortress and the missing horses

    Are there horses in the Territories Humaine? I assume there are horses as the stable hand guardian has a horse shoe icon. 

    I wonder who in the Territories Humaine designed and built Eventide Fortress? Why did they make the horses walk up and down stairs to enter and leave the Fortress? Is the lack of horses due to the fact they all broke their legs and had to be put down?

  • Re: 2.147 billion score and 32 bit int overflow possible with the new scoring system

    Sean Poe can break anything. He is like the opposite to Bob The Builder.