Where to Get Chests

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You gain chests from the following in game:

  • 3-Star and 5-Star Rewards
  • Daily Rewards
  • Quest Rewards
  • Hero Victory Rewards
  • Purchase in the Store

Chest Types          

Each difficulty has a unique chest associated with it.  For example, War Mage difficulty drops War Mage chests. Higher difficulty chests drop more cards and more card types.

For chests you earn that are not tied to difficulty (Daily Rewards, Quests, Weekly Challenges), you earn the highest tier chest for your level.

Additionally, you may use gold to purchase chests of any tier you have unlocked.

3-Star and 5-Star Rewards

The first time you earn 3-star or 5-star on a battleground or weekly challenge you earn a chest.

Daily Rewards

Every 7th day, your login reward is a chest!


Each day, you’ll receive a new quest. Once completed, a chest is yours! A new daily quest is available at XX:00 CST each day. You will not receive this quest until you log out and log back in. Any progress towards your previous quest will be lost at that time.

Hero Victories

The first time you complete a new battleground or weekly challenge with a hero you earn a Hero Victory chest. These chests are basically a smaller version of the Apprentice, War Mage, Master, and Rift Lord chests.

For battlegrounds, this chests gives rewards based on difficulty. For weekly challenges, this chest gives rewards based on the highest tier for your level.


Purchase in the Store

Chests can be purchased for gold in the store. For this chest, you can buy whichever tier(s) you have unlocked. Highest tier chests cost more but provide greater rewards!

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