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Patch Contents

Player Account Wipe

Some changes we’ve made (see below) necessitate a wipe. When the update goes live, we will be resetting all player accounts. This includes your Friends List.

All is not lost, however.

Remember that any gold you’ve purchased will be refunded (including gold from Founder’s Packs).

In addition, we want to say “thanks” to the people who have put a lot of time in thus far, so we’ll be granting players who have hit certain levels before the wipe some skulls to get them started after the wipe. Read more about it here.

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Further Wi-Fi Improvements

If you’ve attempted to play across a Wi-Fi connection, it was likely an unpleasant experience. Apparent lag made OMDU near-unplayable for many Wi-Fi users. Tell your friends who quit in frustration – the fix is in. Playing with a Wi-Fi connection should no longer have as many issues.

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Team Matchmaking

What, you wanted something else? Okay, okay. How about team matchmaking?

Yes, that’s right, the cause of most of the player drops and 4v3 with bot matches – eliminated.

The most requested, most “I can’t believe this isn’t in there already” commented feature – added.

Click “Play,” then go to “Party,” “Find Game,” invite available players in your friend list, and get to searching for games together. (Be nice – there is no skill rating in place with matching now, so Team Cake is likely to sometimes be across from five first-timers.)

No longer (hopefully) will you be unable to play with your friends in match-made games. Huzzah.

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The Card Grinder and Gib Store

More? Ok, how about that Card Grinder? Good, because that’s in too.

It’s a first pass, so it isn’t pretty, but it works.

Go to your Inventory, click the “Gibs” tab, add cards, and grind them up. A first pass version of the Gib Store has been added as a tab on the store page and there are currently eight items available. We’re going to try out a few things with the items offered here and how often they change, so check it out and tell us what you think.

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New Heroes

The Kobold King

How about a new hero to go with that Gib Grinder?

The Kobold King is short, dark, and regal. He enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets, and PRESSING Q TO TURN ANY KOBOLDS AROUND HIM INTO MINIATURE KILLING MACHINES.

His turn-offs include seeing any kobolds die (each one killed near him increases his damage and movement speed for a short period of time) and being tied down (he is the fastest hero in the game and his second ability, Flee, breaks any CC for him and allies around him).

(He’s also into whips.)

Sir Winston

A second new hero? Sure.

Sir Winston was father to eight famed paladins, all of whom fell in battle serving the Order. Unfortunately, such loss has proven too much, even for one as stoic as Sir Winston, and now he has become… somewhat upset with the Order.

Armed with a dark blade that weakens those it strikes, he can also curse minions and heroes (doing a pulse of direct damage to them that also heals his allies around the victim) and inspire mortal fear (preventing enemies nearby from using their abilities).

(PS, if you melee him you get weaker every time you hit him.)

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New Skins

We have also added 4 new skins:

  • Hidden Tiger for Midnight
  • First Eye Blind for Stinkeye
  • Royal Pain for Kobold King
  • Dark Paladin for Sir Winston
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Card Pack Changes

So…about the need for a wipe.

There are 40 new cards in the set…

  • Boulder chutes filled with chunks of icebergs? Check.
  • Rapid fire wall blades? Yup.
  • Glory seeking… shock zappers!? You bet.
  • Good old Ring of Lighnting? Yes.
  • Ring of Last Stand? Gnomish Repair Kit? Frost Weaver? Arcane Weaver? More than a dozen new waves?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

…and the pack model is completely changed.

Six card packs? Gone. Five card packs are where it’s at. Wait, wait, wait – I know. Five seems like less than six. But, going to five allowed some other things to work out, such as:

  • The chances of obtaining a hero in a pack are far more likely. (Still not guaranteed. Still not the primary way we intend people to get heroes. Still possible to open 200 packs and see zero heroes. BUT, far more likely.)
  • The chance of a Mythic is more likely.
  • All of the common rarity cards have been reworked. There are no common glyphs. There is no common gear. The common weaver is gone. ALL WAVES HAVE BEEN MOVED OUT OF COMMON. This means you end up with far less “I have 60 copies of this stupid glyph.” This means you end up with less “I don’t need 10 copies of this wave.” This also means you’re a lot less likely to end up with tons of low-count trap stacks. It is much, much, much easier to get higher count stacks of useful and varied traps.
  • Card packs will now cost fewer skulls.
  • Card packs will now cost less gold.
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Match Reward Changes

Wait, there’s more.

We have a few things going on with the rewards (XP and skulls), primarily getting set to tie this in to some other systems. However, instead of waiting, we revised the win / loss ratio and picked a thumbnail value that (at a guess) could work out. You’ll notice different XP and skull rewards, but you should also see that a loss is now more rewarding (70% of a win) than it was before (50% of a win).

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Guardian Reward Changes

We keep looking at how the game economy is evolving, particularly with the recent leadership change.

One thing that has become glaringly obvious is that the 5000 leadership players get from killing enemy guardians is a massive contributor to kicking off a game-winning snowball. Instead of reducing this and seeing what it does, we have eliminated it entirely – killing an enemy guardian now rewards you with zero leadership.

Despite this, they still appear to be worth killing, as them not being around makes defense substantially more difficult, makes it easier for your minions to get past, and allows you to place glyphs.

Thus far, results with internal testing have been very good. However, while this appears to be an improvement, this is not the one and only fix we need. We think that the chance for snowball / lack of chance for comeback and the occasional late game closeout problems are major issues that need addressed. There are still problems, and we are working on them.

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But, Sadly, Still No Tutorial

Speaking of problems….

As much as we wanted to, we couldn’t squeak in an improved tutorial for this update. We know it’s a big problem. Soon.

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General Updates and Fixes


  • There’s a first pass at music in the game (new songs and old favorites).
  • Footstep sounds are now under control.

Reward Chests

  • Chests will no longer fall through the terrain when spawned, so you should be able to pick them up again


  • Boulder Chute’s height multiplier (increased damage from height of trap) has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug with Fire Ballista. The debuff now reduces fire armor by 70 points instead of 60.


  • Glyphs are now immediately active (these can also be sold for full price at all times).


  • Pride Hunter DPS has been reduced to 40 from 50. Additionally, their HP has been reduced to 210 from 230. (Bleed was not fully valued in the balance model.)
  • Dwarf priests and hobgoblin shamans will no longer occasionally freak out and start attacking one of their own.


  • Wards no longer stack.


  • Weaver upgrades will now persist through Feign Death (Q) on the Master and From the Ashes (Passive) on Smolder.


  • Bots now use doors and gates.
  • Bots should not teleport through gates.
  • Bots should now retreat if outnumbered.


  • Guardians on 3 lane moved outside the rift room. This should be fixed.
  • Guardians no longer display healing particles when heals are around them (they were not getting the actual heals before, just displaying as if they were).

Bug Fixes

  • The player who kills an enemy now gets appropriate credit in the damage scroll on the right when the kill is from knocking enemy off a cliff.
  • Fixed a bug where the first minion at the rift caused a “points lost” sound even when the rift didn’t lose points.
  • Projectiles should no longer fly straight up (or off in various insane directions) when attacking enemies close to you.
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Hero Changes

Ball and Chain

  • Ball and Chain’s Slam (Right-click) will now do damage to enemy doors and Guardians.


  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused Blackpaw to be stuck in dead-not-dead limbo.


  • Bloodspike’s camera has been improved.


  • Hogarth’s damage has been changed from Physical to Frost. That’s right: his Battle Axe (Left-click), Charge (Right-click), and Hatchet (E) all do Frost damage. Is it fun to leap into a mob of enemies and AE frost them all? Yes. Yes, it is.
  • Doesn't that make him more OP? Yeah, it sure doesn't hurt, so we knocked down his damage by 10% across the board. That should help even things out. 
  • Hogarth’s Hatchet (E) collision is now sized correctly (larger).


  • Ivy’s Power Shot (Right-click) cooldown has been reduced to 2s from 3s and the mana cost has been reduced to 20 from 30.
  • Ivy’s Balm (Q) now heals Ivy for less, but heals minions and fellow heroes for slightly more.

The Master

  • Master has a new condition: “Old.” His healing and bonus HP is always halved.
  • Master’s mitigation now mitigates damage from any source.
  • Master’s Magic Staff (Left-click) projectile speed has been slightly increased.
  • Master’s Meditate (E) no longer puts him in combat.


  • Midnight’s trap disable (Prowl, E) has been altered so that she can now disable ceiling traps in some places.
  • Midnight’s damage out of Prowl (E) has been reduced to 30% from 50%.
  • Midnight’s Vital Strike (Right-click) damage has been changed from 30 + 10% max HP to 10 + 20% max HP. The damage cap on the ability has been increased to 273 from 195.
  • Midnight’s Assassin’s Blade (Left-click) damage has been increased to 40 from 35.
  • Midnight now does 20% additional damage to CCed enemies.

The Prospector

  • Prospector Sand Cloud (Right-click) no longer puts him in combat.
  • Prospector’s tunnel can no longer be used while in combat.
  • Prospector should no longer experience exploding Dynamite (E) while attempting to pass through a tunnel.
  • Prospector’s Sand Cloud (Right-click) should feel a lot easier to use.
  • Prospector should no longer play footstep sounds forever, no matter what he was doing, thus dramatically reducing chances of “Mother has entered a blind range” conditions.
  • Prospector’s height is now correctly acknowledged by trolls.


  • Smolder’s Flame Breath (Right-click) damage has been increased to 30 from 20.
  • Smolder’s Fire Form (Q) mana cost has been increased to 30 per second from 20 per second.
  • Smolder’s Ignite (E) damage has been increased from 10 +2.5% current HP / second for 5 seconds to 10 + 4% current HP / second for 5 seconds.
  • Smolder’s ability to disable fire traps when in Fire Form (Q) now works.


  • Sorceress’s Mesmerize (Right-click) cooldown has been increased to 15s from 12s. This is to prevent a situation where she could permanently Mesmerize, which causes sadness.
  • Sorceress’s Mesmerize (Right-click), when broken by damage, will now leave combo points on the victim.
  • Sorceress no longer has a strong urge to Blink (Q) off of cliffs. (There was an issue with her being placed in edges of geometry that caused her to fall after a blink.)


  • Stinkeye’s ghost (from his passive, Change of Heart) got a healing bump. The ghost is now there for 30 seconds and fires a heal bolt at the lowest health ally once per second. This shot was 10 + 2% per second for 5 seconds and has been increased to 15 + 5% for 5 seconds. This is pretty substantial – substantial enough that you might not want to kill him until you’ve taken any buddies nearby out, because otherwise he’s going to heal them rapidly.
  • Stinkeye no longer breakdances after being killed. (Join me in demanding this be reverted.)


  • Temper’s Mad Cow (Q) is now… good?
  • Temper no longer slows attack speed when he is in Rage and Regret (E). Damage is reduced instead. (This seemed like a bug.)
  • Temper loves little Satyrs and wants to keep them safe. Any damage dealt to Satyrs around Temper is passed to Temper instead and the satyrs take no damage.

War Mage

  • War Mage’s damage has been changed from Physical to Lightning.
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  • SiriusSirius Member, Early Access
    This patch is scheduled to release on Tuesday July 8, 2014.
  • AdlehydeAdlehyde Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    They meant to write the 22nd.
  • RoyalFinoRoyalFino Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    edited July 2014

  • SixOkaySixOkay Member, Master Founder, Robot Entertainment, Early Access
    Date fixed. 
    Robot Entertainment | Marketing Manager
  • SiriusSirius Member, Early Access
    edited July 2014
    @Adlehyde: Haha yeah I figured, i just really wanted to know the date because this patch looks great. 

    My only concern right now is that from the description, Sir Winston sounds like he could be overpowered but we will have to see.

    Liking the changes to the elements in the heroes' attack so far since the 2 Frost wards I had screamed worthless and the Lightning ward was a toss-up.

    Also just to be certain, is this the last account wipe?
  • CannaFizzCannaFizz Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    War Mage's changes to Lightning from Physical should now make him a way better floater since so many minions resist Physical. The same goes for Hogarth. Both of them seem like they'll be better in combat, although I don't know if that was necessary. 

    Also, Sorceress and War Mage now have each other's weakness, don't they?

    I'm really impressed by these, and I wanna try out the new heroes. I'm really looking forward to this. Also team matchmaking and wipes. I've actually been wanting one since I felt like I wasted my Founders Gold last time. 
  • SixOkaySixOkay Member, Master Founder, Robot Entertainment, Early Access
    edited July 2014
    Don't you dare besmirch Winston. He is all that is great in this world. (but seriously, if he needs adjusting, you know how we are... we'll adjust him)

    This won't be the last account wipe. There will still be one close to/around/at/nearby/directly on (?) release of the game. We are still aiming to do as few wipes as humanly and orcishly possible.
    Robot Entertainment | Marketing Manager
  • frozenshado7frozenshado7 Member, Early Access
    edited July 2014
    I like alot of this patch though im afraid people like me that que up alone are gonna get creamed now with team matchmaking in. and as siruis asked I would really like to know if this is the last account wipe? I wasn't expecting one so soon and I just got to a level i felt happy with :(

    edit: also the reworked skulls and xp is it more or less then it used to be for a win? And why was ivys power shot buffed?
    sry I have lots of questions :)
  • CrecraftCrecraft Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    I'm pretty damn excited about Hogarth. I don't wanna wait... give it to me now!
  • SixOkaySixOkay Member, Master Founder, Robot Entertainment, Early Access
    Frozen, that's something we're very sensitive to, actually, and will be watching closely. We had many discussions about that very thing before rolling this out. PLEASE give us feedback as you start to play after the new update. We want to hear about your experience. 

    As for the wipe, see above. We were hoping not to have to do one, but some fundamental changes made it more necessary. And there will be some skill rewards available for people to compensate them for the time they put in already:

    Level 20-29 - 10,000 Skulls
    Level 30-39 - 30,000 Skulls
    Level 40 - 80,000 Skulls

    If you guys are close to one of these milestones, play this weekend and try to get over the hump to get the next skull reward marker.
    Robot Entertainment | Marketing Manager
  • frozenshado7frozenshado7 Member, Early Access
    I have to say SixOkay I love you guys, you guys respond so quickly and well to the community and your patches are timely and substantial. My previous experience with a beta was the mighty quest for epic loot.... anyone who plays that game knows what where im coming from.
  • UdyrUdyr Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    *browsing Facebook and sees a post about updates incoming*
    "Hm, I bet it's just a bunch of minor tweaks and not major sweeping changes. I mean, we JUST went into beta..."


  • frozenshado7frozenshado7 Member, Early Access
    edited July 2014
  • SevvSevv Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    First off, thanks guys! This is an awesome and huge update! Excited to try out the grinder! Hooray for team Cake's name drop :P Now onto the serious stuff...

    So Hogarth's damage type change is awesome. I love that you guys did that. I can't wait to try out the heroes either. However, I feel kind of jipped. I am level 16 and haven't really been playing matchmaking or trying to get much higher than that because of the wipes. Once I got my second gear slot I was good, I was playing alot but I was playing custom games. I truthfully think anyone that stuck it out to level 10+ should get some skulls too. Keeping with your scale there ~5k skulls would make me happy. If not I understand you want to reward those who truely did it but with my new job getting to 20 before weekend's end is impossible. 

    The Guardian leadership drop is a huge game changing thing I will have to see how this comes into play in the games. Thank you so much as well for putting in the Knock off cliffs kill count! muwhahaha @moltenink, The card pack and the exp changes are great can't wait to see em! Looking forward to playing guys thanks again for all your hard work! 


    Also, sorry for the choppiness just got off a 12 hr shift. 
  • Void2258Void2258 Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    The fact that you needed to change people to have elemental damage so they could do damage to me says there is a serious problem with physical damage being ineffective. We can see it in traps too; everyone changes out every physical trap they have for something, anything with a different element as soon as possible. There should not be an element that count's as a booby prize; they should all have strengths and weaknesses, and none should feel like a hindrance if you have that damage type.
  • SagiusSagius Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    i guess the grinder will be delivered before 27th huh!?! @mother delivered!
  • SiriusSirius Member, Early Access
    edited July 2014
    Damn, I don't think I can play enough to reach level 30 from 24 in one weekend.

    Void, that's what the elemental changes are for. In this current patch the Physical Ward is the best one of the bunch and the Lightning Weaver's "Energized" upgrade is only useful on the Master.

    The elemental changes they're making is done to balance things and add a little variety to what the heroes bring.
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  • mastermindmastermind Member, Master Founder, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Featured Developer
    One of our ongoing goals is to better balance the damage type distribution on heroes, so that all of the damage types are more evenly represented.  Physical damage was vastly overrepresented, so we're working on making changes to heroes to better represent our ideal damage distribution.
    Robot Entertainment | Gameplay Programmer
  • ChinesepawnageChinesepawnage Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Maybe it's just me but didn't people have a problem with Hogarth being too difficult to deal with? I mean I could be wrong but giving him frost attack though fitting, wouldn't it make him an auto pick? Since he is A) the most survivable character and B) the most supportive character for offense other than ivy. Anyways that's besides the point. patch looks great, wish I got skulls based on level more than based on intervals. Would love to hit 30 for that huge jump but I don't get to play until patch day.. Vacation, sarcastic woo... Anyway glad to see all the inclusions. Hurrah black paw, no changes. More attacking!
  • WaggnerWaggner Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Are there any pictures of the new heroes?
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