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Consumables are powerful items that add a little extra OOMPH to the best loadout. Unlike other items in OMD!U, consumables are typically not permanent. They are consumed on use and available in the store for purchase with skulls. There are also some prized infinite consumables that you can earn while playing.

There are two consumable slots per survival mode loadout.


Potions provide benefits on use and buffs that continue until death. Use them early to get the full benefit of the buff, use them in a pinch for their main effect, or both!

Most potions may be used more than once per match but each has its own limit. Some examples below:

Potion of Luck
  • Potion use: temporarily increases coin income.
  • Potion buff: increases coin from combos.
  • Limit: 5 per match.
Potion of the Guardian 
  • Potion use: allows additional guardian placement.
  • Potion buff: mana and health per second. 
  • Limit: 1 per match.
Potion of Caffeination
  • Potion use: restores all cooldowns.
  • Potion buff: cooldown reduction.
  • Limit: 3 per match.


Scrolls provide powerful, short-term team benefits. That's right, scrolls can affect an entire team of 2 or 3, rather than just the player that uses the item.

Unlike potions, scrolls may only be used once per match. Some examples below:

Scroll of Invulnerability 
Temporarily makes the whole team invulnerable. 

Scroll of Repair 
Repairs all barricades to full health and temporarily makes barricades immune to damage.

Scroll of Resurrection 
Instantly respawns all dead heroes and provides a reduced respawn buff for all players alive at the time of use.

Scroll of the Empty Rift 
Temporarily reduces the value of enemies entering the rift to 0 points.

Sabotage Consumables

Consumables are a cornerstone of the Sabotage game mode; each round, players select one spell and one minion or boss card to play against another team of War Mages competing on the same map. There are over 100 different cards available in this game mode, and they fall into several key sub-categories.


Enemy Map Spells
Hero Slow Staff or Minion Heal Staff spells fall into this category. Players may summon an effect into the opposing team's map to hinder their performance.

Enemy Team Spells
Team Dance, No Experience, and Premature Unchaining are examples from this category. These powerful effects are cast on the entire opposing team.

Enemy Hero Spells
Mesmerization and More Aggro are examples of enemy hero spells. These must be cast on a specific hero of the spellcaster's choosing. Pick the right hero at the right time by selecting them on the tactical map to cause maximum mayhem.

Random Enemy Hero Spells
Primary attack knockback or heals are two examples of random enemy hero spells. These are cast and randomly target an opponent.

Summoned Minion Spells
Minion stealth and health boost are examples of summoned minion spells. Use these spells AFTER your team has summoned its minions. Any minions summoned after the spell is cast will not benefit from its effect.

Potions and Scrolls
Potions and scrolls from Survival mode are also eligible for use during Sabotage mode.

Minions and Bosses

Kamikaze kobolds, heavy orcs, and mountain trolls. OH MY. Choose from a wide variety of classic Orcs Must Die! enemies to play against your opponent.

It doesn't get any badder than these guys. Summon Bulgod, Swiftyhooves, or other Orcs Must Die! Unchained bosses into battle to wreak havoc with the opposing team.
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