Tiering Up, Trap Parts, and You!

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Tiering Up, Trap Parts, and You!

Table of Contents

  • What Is Tiering?
  • What Is Tinkering?

What Is Tiering?

Tiering allows you to upgrade your traps for survival games. Traps can be upgraded three times with each tier providing a substantial bonus and unlocking a part slot.

Ooh, an upgrade is available! Once you click the upgrade button…

It becomes Tier 3 and has an empty part slot!

What Is Tinkering?

Tinkering allows you to customize your traps for survival games by attaching parts. Each trap has three part slots unlocked by upgrading the trap to a higher tier. Each of these part slots accepts a specific type of part.


The first slot for the Shock Zapper allows you to attach a resonator.

The second slot for the Shock Zapper allows you to attach a spring.

The third slot for the Shock Zapper allows you to attach a trigger.


There are 11 different types of parts you can attach to traps. Parts can be crafted and will drop in certain chests. These can be used to customize what a trap does and how it triggers. If you change your mind you can attach a different part in the same slot. If you do, the old part will not be destroyed.

The Unchained Resonator part increases your Unchained meter when this trap kills a minion.

The Charging Spring part increases the trap’s reset speed.

The Heavy Pressure Plate part makes this trap only trigger for heavy minions.

This Ceiling Ballista has the Unchained Resonator, Charging Spring, and Heavy Pressure plate modifications. It’s ready to help you juice up off those Ogres!

Curious what the other parts do? Check out your parts tab! From there you can see what parts are out there, what they do, and what materials are required to craft them!

Move over popular brand of building blocks, there’s a new tinkering toy in town!

A couple quick notes:

1.       Springs modify trap reset speed. The dashboard lists the re-fire rate, which isn’t quite the same thing. A trap has a two seconds of pre-activation and activation time which isn’t reduced (or increased) by Springs.

2.       Gabriela’s Kinetic Pulse will override any triggers a trap has set.

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