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  • What is Survival mode?
  • Features of Survival mode


Survival is a game mode for Orcs Must Die! Unchained which sends a set number of waves of minions at your team until you’re overrun or you clear the final wave. This mode has you playing with four other people cooperatively through the match making system or through the campaign.

Each map features multiple lanes that minions can come down with each wave of minions getting progressively stronger. Later waves open additional lanes, and can feature special minions. Additionally, some waves features AI-controlled enemy Heroes and/or bosses.

During survival matches you can find crafting materials that drop for slain minions. The more minions you kill the more drops you can find! Finishing a match in survival match will net you Skulls and experience.


Survival mode has many features not present in Siege mode: Placeable Guardians, “Go” breaks; health, mana, and Unchained tokens; the Unchained meter; “Buyback”; and, for Endless, Leaderboards.


Survival mode players can place their Guardians in one of several predefined locations. These Guardians are really tough allies that help defend your Rift. Additionally, when in passive mode, they provide Health and Mana regeneration to nearby heroes.

Each Guardian has a "home" location. For example, the Cook's home is the kitchen. If a player places a guardian in its associated “home” location, the guardian spawns with twice as much health and deals twice as much damage.

This is the "default" Guardian icon. The Lion, Sun, Moon and Dragon Guardians are all at home at locations with this symbols.

This is the "Blacksmith" Guardian icon. The Blacksmith Guardian is at home at locations with this symbol.


In survival mode there are timed “Go” breaks between certain waves. Minions do not spawn during "Go" breaks and you can sell your traps for a full refund. These are extremely helpful for re-arranging trap setups and coordinating new strategies with your team.  Keep in mind though that ending a “Go” break early will net your team extra points at the end of the match to boost your final score. You will also net more points to your final score if you are able to clear a wave quickly.


Survival mode also contains the Unchained meter, which is found on the bottom-right side of your in-game HUD. As your team scores combos on Minion kills or picks up Unchained Tokens, they will begin to fill up the Unchained meter.

Once full the bar pulses, and it’s ready to be used! Pressing V will trigger Unchained for yourself, gaining a massive buff to damage, health, mana, and cooldown reduction for a period of time. Offensive Heroes will gain a longer Unchained duration than their defensive counterparts, as they do not have a special trap to bring to the defensive lineup.

If your full team goes Unchained at the same time, the Unchained effect is stronger!


Another feature that is exclusive to survival mode are the Health, Mana, and Unchained Token drops. Health and Mana tokens will replenish the appropriate resource, while Unchained Tokens will boost your Unchained Meter.


Buyback is another feature exclusive to survival mode. Simply put, Buyback allows you to pay Coin that you’ve earned in-game to instantly respawn. However, it does become more expensive the longer the game goes on.


Leaderboards are exclusive to Endless mode. Endless maps are level 80 survival maps that you unlock with keystones featuring no Final Wave. You fight until you drop! You may remember Leaderboards from the previous OMD games, and they’re making a comeback for Endless. Whether you want to beat your previous high score, or you’re looking to topple the player at the top, the Leaderboards are there to track the highest scoring individuals in Endless. You may find the Leaderboards on the website here.

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