5-Star Guide

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5-Star Guide

Welcome to the 5-Star System Guide! You might recognize that this sounds very much like the 5-Skull system in OMD1 and OMD2. If you did, you’ve earned yourself some snacks! Go get them, it’s fine, we’ll wait.

Why’d we change the name? Well—whoa, look at your desk! Snacks!

What is it?

The 5-star system is way for players to challenge themselves and for us to reward exceptional performance in survival matches!

I hit a wall on my progress. It was aptly named.

Earning a higher star rating is quite difficult. There are some amazing orc slayers out there that should have their exploits known! Achieving 5-star ratings is one way to show off your skills.

Many orcs were harmed in the making of this screenshot.

This system also rewards players based on performance. If you’ve hastily slaughtered every orc in The Baths, you are going to notice a nice bump in your XP! But, if you slowly let almost every orc in Surrounded into your rift, you’ll not get quite as much.

Doing well makes quite a difference in the XP you get!

How do I get stars?

Stars are awarded when you complete a battleground based on how many rift points you had remaining and how fast you completed it. The chart below shows how to earn each star in detail:

*Each battleground has a par time. You must complete the battleground within this amount of time to achieve 5-star.

 You can also earn stars in Endless, which uses a different set of requirements for each star shown below:

What are the rewards?

The first time you achieve a new star rating you will be awarded bonus skulls. If you achieve a new star rating on a battleground, you receive all rewards for the lower star levels that you haven’t already gotten. Additionally, star rating affects the XP (and crafting materials) you receive for completing the battleground. The chart below shows this in detail:

Note: One-time rewards are given out no matter what level you are compared to the level of the battleground.

Since this is my first time playing The Baths and I earned 3 stars, I received the 50, 100, and 150 skull rewards.

Each battleground awards the same bonuses for each star you earn. Wait… who has a throne?!

Some of these Par Times Are Hard!

It’s possible! You might have to rethink how you want things to die and gib them faster. If you need help, talk with your fellow players in-game, and on the forums!

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