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Guild Guide

Welcome to the Guild Guide! Guilds are a place for you to create a community of people that want to share the experience of OMDU together.

How do I join one?

From the Guilds tab click on “Create or Join.” This shows you a list of guilds. You can search through them using the left pane. On the right pane, you can click on the information box to pull up the option to join a guild!

Joining a guild is not necessarily permanent. If you decide you’d like to try another guild, you are welcome to leave your current one and find a new one.

They all look like fun!

How do I talk with my Guild Mates?

The guild chat tab is located on the bottom navigation bar. It’s just right of the global chat icon.

Anything you write in guild chat is shared with just your guild mates. It’s a great place to group up, share strategies, or just shoot the breeze!

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What if I want to start my own?

From the Guilds tab click on “Create or Join.” On the left-hand pane you select “Create guild.” Creating a guild costs 1000 skulls. When you create your guild, you choose its name and guild tag.

Some restrictions apply.

How do different guild ranks work?

Each guild has one leader who has full control. Additionally, the leader can promote members to the officer rank. Officers have some of the permissions that leaders have as outline below:

Officer permissions:

·Invite a player to the guild.

·Accept or refuse applications.

·Remove a member from the guild.

·View Member profiles.

·Change the message of the day.

Members are the rank and file of a guild. They have no special permissions. However, they are free to enjoy guild chat and can invite people to their party directly from the guild roster.

MitchellW, as guild leader, can remove any player from the guild. Bladezz, as an officer, can remove Codex1 from the guild, because she is a member. He cannot remove Vork1, because he is an officer.

What are guild points and what do they do?

Your guild earns points for being members being online, earning XP, and playing together. Additionally, you earn bonus guild points based on the difficulty of what you are doing.

Top performing guilds can show off their skills on our new Guild Leaderboards! We are using the Open Beta period to kick the tires on the Guilds system and get an idea of how people are using them, as well as to work out any bugs. Because there are always some unknowns in a brand new system like this, there won’t be any rewards assigned for Guild Points during the Open Beta. Once we move into full release, however, we will begin tracking seasons and offering rewards for Guild Points.

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