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  • Re: Let omd!u's cranky old uncle back into the game. Yes, I mean KickedBynoobs.

    Players who repeatedly disregard the established rules are not welcome, period. End of story. There are always excuses offered for rule-breaking behavior but ultimately the behavior speaks for itself. Any player permanently banned for their behavior will remain so.

    For clarity's sake: Kickedbynoobs is not currently banned from the game or forums. His most recent suspensions have expired. His consistent disregard for the rules does mean his next infraction will lead to a permanent ban but he is currently not banned or suspended. He's had multiple warnings and suspensions and the ball is in his court to follow the rules. This community has rules, and those few who do not follow them will be banned. 
  • Re: My massive list of bugs and other technical problems.

    Hey Kicked,

    We've given you a lot of leeway to make your opinions known and we welcome feedback. However, we also need to enforce rules and ensure that these community spaces like the forums and Steam discussions are welcoming to all players.

    You have repeatedly disregarded moderator requests not to attack other players, bump threads, and derail discussions. Consider this your final warning. Opinions and criticisms are welcome here, and we don't have to agree on how things should work, but we expect you to treat our team and the rest of the community with respect. Be constructive and respectful, period. 
  • Re: Deadeye on Ps4 release

    PS4 will be a bit behind PC, at least at first. Deadeye will be available very soon on PS4 and just a little bit after PC.
  • Re: [BUG] OMDU Release 2.3 for PC reset all keyboard bindings (again)

    Hey guys, thanks for letting us know this issue is still happening to you. If there are any details you can provide about what specific keybindings or settings you're seeing reset with THIS update (not any previous) please list them below. This should help our team identify what's causing the issue currently. We did make changes back that should be preventing this so we need to take a fresh look and this info should help.
  • Re: PS4 Launch FAQ!

    Hey guys -- no updates yet but it's our top priority. We're still working w/ Sony EU to get this resolved as soon as possible. I know it's not what you want to hear. I hope to have better news tomorrow.