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  • Release 2.5 for PC and PS4 - Patch Notes

    Available October 31 for PS4, November 1 for PC!

    New Hero: Yi-Lin

    Yi-Lin is a quick, melee hero who uses her twin swords to devastating effect. Her use of combos can deal devastating damage as well as provide regeneration making her a true force to be reckoned with.

    Yi-Lin is not just any accomplished fighter. This woman out of time was the greatest and most loyal warrior fighting in service of her friend, Chang’E, Empress of the White Tiger Empire. In centuries past, the White Tiger Empire and its allies were threatened by certain destruction as orcs and other invaders poured into their kingdoms from the Dark World. Seeing no other solution, the dwarves of Thuricvod evacuated the stone halls of their home on Centre. Fleeing to the safety of their homeworld and collapsing the portals behind them to cut off the invading forces left the White Tiger Empire with few options for its defense and even fewer allies.

    Desperate for a solution to protect her people and preserve her empire, Chang’E forged new alliances and agreed to share her powerful rift magic in exchange for the White Tiger Empire’s relocation into the clouds in a bargain with the Jade Rabbits. But the Empire’s preservation came at a high cost for Yi-Lin. Left behind as the eternal guardian of the final rift to the reborn Cloud Tiger Empire, Yi-Lin transformed into the Jade Sentinel she had previously been in name only and began her watch over the Lotus Temple.

    For over one thousand years Yi-Lin stood vigilant, waiting. Now a shadowy figure known only as “Reve” has unleashed unstable rifts on the Lotus Temple, renewing the ancient assault on the White Tiger Empire with the hope of reaching their new empire in the clouds. Yi-Lin, the Jade Sentinel has awoken to defend Centre once more against the hordes of orcs, soldiers, and her old enemies – the Wu Xing Dynasty.

    Learn more in our Designing Yi-Lin blog!

    New Faction: Wu Xing - Masters of the Five Elements

    • Wu Xing Soldiers: These soldiers come in four forms: light, medium, heavy, and ranged.  All of the soldiers have magic armor, making physical damage optimal in defeating them.
    • Terracotta Giant: These slow-moving stone giants do not attack players.  Instead, they perform a steady march to the rift, slowing any player that gets too close.
    • Red Panda: Despite being called the Red Panda, these minions are actually blue!  Be careful, these minions cast a powerful speed buff on allied minions.
    • Water Dragon: This hunter minion focuses on players.  Unlike other Hunter minions, this minion has a splash attack, damaging all players within a cone in front of him.
    • Elemental Mages: These mages throw bouncing orbs of elemental energy.

    New Battlegrounds

    Water Garden - Survival (Apprentice and Master)

    The water gardens of the White Tiger Empire appear to be closest to the first attacks by the Wu Xing Dynasty.  Defend three breaches to the best of your ability without too much help from wall traps.

    Castle Gates - Survival (Master and Rift Lord), Sabotage, and Endless
    Breaching the Castle Gates is a solid strategy for the Wu Xing Dynasty.  Once inside, defending this open map will be a challenge.  Funneling the front gates to one side is imperative.

    Midnight Market - Survival (Warmage and Rift Lord) and Sabotage
    These marketplaces of the White Tiger Empire are popular night spots.  This seems to be exactly why the Wu Xing Dynasty has chosen to attack them so aggressively.

    New Feature: Discord Integration (PC only)

    Discord has remained one of the most popular modes of communication for OMD!U.  This integration will make communication and community building easier than ever! 

    New Feature: Weekly Challenge Matchmaking

    The community has requested this feature for quite a while.  We are happy to deliver this highly anticipated feature!

    New: Imperial Skins
    New themed skins have been added for Tundra, Ivy, Midnight, Smolder, and Hogarth.

    New Guardian: Jade Empire Guardian
    This new guardian is available in Warmage, Master, and Rift Lord chests.

    Immobilizes enemies for 2 seconds when attacking them.  Provides 3 coin per second to nearby allies while in combat.


    • The dashboard has been re-skinned for the launch of the Wu Xing Battles expansion.
    • Notification badge logic has been updated.  You'll see fewer and more relevant badges in the dashboard.
    • The chat UI has been overhauled.  The new design features time stamps, channel notifications, and easier browsing of chat channels. (PC only)


    • New Quests have been added for Deadeye and Yi-Lin
    • New Achievements have been added for Deadeye, Yi-Lin, and Cygnus.

    Balance Updates


    • Restricted Section and Temple Graveyard (Warmage) have been made less challenging.
    • Crogon Keep and Eventide Stables (Master) have been made less challenging.
    • Apprentice and Warmage Banquet Hall has been made less challenging during early waves in Sabotage.
    • First wave of Warmage Restricted Section has been made easier in Sabotage.
    • Rift Lord Baths has been made more challenging in Sabotage.

    Chaos Trials:

    • The following modifiers have been made less common:
      • Persistent Barricade Rubble
      • No Health Drops
      • No Mana Drops
      • Additional Northmun Archers
      • Ice, Fire, Arcane, Lightning, and Physical Armor
      • Rugged Runners
    • The following modifiers have been made more common:
      • Double Rift Points
      • 5 Rift Points
      • Additional Firefiend Runners
      • Slow Minions
    • "Additional Rift Points" will now be paired with easier modifiers, on average.
    • "Coin Drain" rate has been reduced by 15%.
    • "Additional Order Mages" will no longer roll on Apprentice and Warmage Chaos Keys.


    • Health reduced by 70%.
    • Speed reduced by 30%.
    • Now only spawn 1 Fireling when a Fire Elemental dies.
    • Now more reliably wait 1 second before detonating.
    • When spawning directly from a door, firelings will now play a spawn sound.
      Developer Comment: Firelings were always intended to attack barricades, but when we fixed the bug in the last patch, they became far too powerful.  These changes pull back on the strength of firelings dramatically.


    • Soul collection radius increased 75%.
    • Fixed an issue where the "Jagged Shards" weaver upgrade was not providing the correct amount of damage.


    • Teleportation Staff teleport delay reduced to 3 seconds (from 5).
    • Teleportation Staff will now expire after 90 seconds, regardless of whether or not it is destroyed.
      Developer Comment: This change allows the teleportation staff to be useful, even when a teammate does not have a consumable to apply control effects to an enemy.  In addition, in order to allow melee heroes to deal with this staff, it will now expire after 90 seconds, if not killed.
    • Minions summoned via consumables no longer reward coin or experience.  Base bounties increased in Sabotage to compensate.
      Developer Comment: This change helps create comebacks by making powerful cards more powerful.  In addition, this change also helps solve some inadvertent/unfun strategies that would result in neither team sending minions until sudden death.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Elemental minions will no longer replicate when killed by being knocked off the map.  However, after we fixed this bug, we noticed that many maps need their kill volumes to be updated.  As a result, this can still occur, but it will happen much less frequently.  Expect more updates in the future.
    • Fixed an issue where the Serpent Guardian was still being listed as promotional.
    • Fixed an issue with Tundra's Stay Frosty weaver upgrade not providing damage over time.
    • Fixed an issue where resurrected minions would not have the correct amount of health.
    • Fixed an issue where matches could not be restarted if the dashboard was closed.
    • Fixed an issue where the Chaos Key icon would not be shown at full opacity on the login rewards screen.
    • Fixed an issue where minions that were slowed by Stinkeye's Sermon of Speed weaver would not show foot-shackle effects.
    • Fixed an issue where Gabby's hair could get stuck in a falling position.
    • Fixed an issue where the Arcane Bubble Blower could be activated while in mid-air.
    • Fixed an issue where the icon for the "Tundra 1" quest was incorrect.
    • Fixed an issue where Deadeye's fourth ability could play duplicate effects.
    • Fixed an issue where Stinkeye's totems could occasionally fail to hit enemies that are in-range and visible.
    • Fixed an issue where the Chaos Trial information would be shown each time the hero info panel is closed.
    • Fixed an issue where the player would receive an invalid trap placement message when trying to place a trap while orbiting the camera.
    • Fixed an issue where the Saw of Arctos did not display its damage type.
    • Fixed an issue where the teleportation staff would not function if overlapping.
    • Fixed an issue where fire trap were consuming charges faster than intended.  Balance updated to compensate.  Should not result in visible functional changes.
    • Fixed an issue where community events would not always be displayed.
    • Fixed an issue where Scurvy does not attack guardians.
    • Fixed an issue where chest descriptions could overlap quantity descriptions.
    • Fixed an issue where killing a Chaos Crystal near an environmental trap with lightning damage would cause the server to crash.
    • Fixed an issue where Smolder's primary attack could not trigger the swinging mace on Throne Room.
    • Fixed an issue where Chaos Trial wins would provide stars for achievements.
    • Fixed an issue where Sabotage consumables could be used during a go-break.
    • Fixed an issue where the Dashboard would occasionally force players to reconnect to non-matchmade games.
    • Fixed an issue where Temper's Happy Place weaver was not providing a speed boost.
    • Fixed an issue where Deadeye's Deadlier-Eye weaver upgrade was not providing the full bonus to damage.
  • A Look into the Future of OMDU!

    Hello War Mages!

    It's been a while since my last update, so I thought I'd give everyone a heads-up on the latest happenings and plans for Orcs Must Die! Unchained over the next few months. 

    The biggest OMDU news of the summer was the release on Playstation 4 in July following the launch on PC earlier this Spring. The PS4 launch has gone really well, and we've gotten some fantastic feedback from our new friends to help guide our future plans for the game. With Tundra’s recent addition to the hero roster on PS4, all the current OMDU heroes are now available for both platforms. Expect to see the Chaos Trials game mode coming to PS4 very soon! We're also working on better team communication systems and many other features and enhancements based on your feedback and recommendations. 

    On the PC side of the world, we've been focusing on tons of smaller, long-requested improvements that have hopefully made a big difference in your playing experience. Things like fast restarts, rerolling Chaos Trials, and some fundamental changes to how players interact with their Daily Quests have rolled out recently and there are more changes like this to come. Plus, we've managed to sneak in a few biggies like Deadeye, four new Endless maps, and the Endless Summer event on all platforms. We’ve even added some fun vanity rewards to achievements in-game!

    One area that we'd really like to improve on is synchronizing our PC and PS4 releases. As it stands now, our Playstation release is usually 3-4 weeks behind the release of the PC version of the game. Having the releases out of alignment in this way is painful for development (which is our problem), but more importantly, it hurts the long-term growth of the game. To address this, we’re going to bring the PS4 version of the game up to be concurrent with PC and ensure that all our future releases are coming for both groups at the same time. By lining up the release schedule we can spend more time adding new features and less time managing the ins-and-outs of staggered releases. 

    There is some short-term pain to get the PC and PS4 updates synchronized, however. In order to achieve this, we'll need to break our regular monthly update cycle for September and there will not be another update for the PC until October. The extra wait is not ideal, but the end result will be our largest OMDU update yet, and it will be available to both platforms at the same time. Harmonia will dig into the details soon, but expect to see some of the great new content you've been asking for, some new features, a new community event, and perhaps even a certain “coming soon” hero! Oh, and PC players, we'll finally get our long-promised Discord integration into the October release.

    That's all for now. We've got some really fun plans for the rest of the year, and we're looking forward to sharing them with you soon, too. Keep the feedback coming!

    Chris Rippy
    VP of Production


    Join Harmonia today to discuss this and more on today's Insider Access! Live at 3 pm on OrcsMustDie.tv. If you can't make the live stream, or missed it and your question wasn't answered please add it to this thread!
  • Re: Player Data

    In industry speak, this is the concurrent daily players (or CCU). The number of actual players (UU) is a lot higher than that as OMDU is a game that a lot of players dabble in, playing once or twice a week, or more frequently for a shorter time. As someone who used to play a TON of MMORPGs and work on one, it's been very interesting to see the difference with a new genre of game. You can see most of that reflected in the data on that page. It's pretty interesting stuff :)  
  • Server maintenance for the week of July 24, 2017

    Hello War Mages!

    There will be two game updates this week, one for PS4 and one for PC. 

    PlayStation 4:
    There will be a small patch on Tuesday, July 25 to introduce ZOEY into OMDU on the PlayStation. This maintenance will begin at 7:00 AM Central time and is expected to last approximately one hour.

    Update 2.3 - Deadeye will be available on Wednesday, July 26. This maintenance will begin at 7:00 AM Central time and is expected to last approximately one hour.

    Important note: Discord integration will not be included with this update for PC. As mentioned on Insider Access there was a small chance that this component would not be approved in time, and unfortunately, this is the case. We look forward to bringing Discord integration to the game very soon!

    Not sure what time that is in your local timezone? This handy link should help you out: https://time.is/Dallas

    For up to date server and maintenance information, follow @OMDservers on Twitter!
  • Release 2.3 for PC - Deadeye

    Release 2.3 for PC - Deadeye - Patch Notes

    July 26, 2017

    New Hero: Deadeye

    Deadeye is an infamous outlaw with a bounty on her head. With each kill, she becomes stronger and more infamous. Her dual crossbows and explosive arrows make her a force to be reckoned with.

    Half elf and half orc, Deadeye was adopted into the elven community of the First Grove as a child and raised as Galadra the trueshot. Accused of her adoptive mother High Warden Naya’s brutal murder, Galadra was narrowly apprehended by Ivy, Warden of the First Grove, losing her right eye in the process and becoming Galadra the Deadeye.

    Get the full details on her abilities and development in the Designing Deadeye blog!

    New Feature: Community Challenges

    Exciting news, War Mages! In-game events have been a frequent question and discussion topic within the OMDU community and this update finally delivers a lot of the technology we need to create fun in-game events.

    We'll have a lot more to share about this in the coming weeks as we run a few smaller events before rolling out an Endless Summer event later this year. Well, later this summer to be more specific!

    Here's what we can tell you now. We will be running some events in the future that will provide increased rewards to players. Bonus XP, bonus skulls, that sort of thing. We'll also be running collaborative events for the entire community that will provide extra chests or even unique vanity rewards for participation or successful completion.

    New Feature: Pause

    A highly requested feature has finally arrived!  We have added the ability for solo and non-matchmade games to be paused by any player.  Due to the game being online, we cannot pause forever, but you have a significant amount of time to grab a snack!

    New Feature: Discord Integration

    Discord has remained one of the most popular modes of communication for OMD!U.  This integration will make communication and collaboration easier than ever!  

    Important note: Discord integration will not be included with this update for PC. As mentioned on Insider Access there was a small chance that this component would not be approved in time, and unfortunately, this is the case. We look forward to bringing Discord integration to the game very soon!

    New: Sabotage Map 

    • Stables of Eventide

    New: Base Set Consumable 

    • Polymorph Chicken (Earned by using Polymorph Chicken 75x)

    New: Chaos Trial Modifiers

    • Health Drain (Master and Rift Lord Only)
    • Mana Drain (Master and Rift Lord Only)
    • Coin Drain (Master and Rift Lord Only)
    • Minions Drop Grenades
    • Periodic Healing Aura

    New: Sabotage Consumables

    • Armored Satyrs
    • Control Resist Buff
    • Control Immunity Staff


    • Go-Breaks in solo play have been increased to 4x the group play length (from 2x).
    • Banquet Hall has been made more challenging in Sabotage (Master and Rift Lord Only).
    • Apprentice Baths, Eventide Ramparts, and Banquet Hall now have more go-breaks and fewer kobolds.
    • Apprentice Baths, Eventide Ramparts, and Banquet Hall now have fixed loading screen tips.
    • War Mage Temple Graveyard wave 8 has fewer minions.
    • War Mage Restricted Section waves 3-6 have fewer minions.
    • Master Stables of Eventide wave 2 difficulty reduced.  Final wave made more challenging.
    • Master Falling Folly difficulty reduced across most waves.
    • Master Orc-rila difficulty increased SLIGHTLY on most waves.
    • Control immunity now blocks all knockbacks.  Control resistance continues to NOT modify knockbacks.
    • Stables of Eventide pathing updated.
    • Confluence and Crogon Keep have had metal grates added to the Rift Room to prevent exploits with barricades.

    Chaos Trials:

    • 1 Rift Point modifier increased to 5 Rift Points.
    • "No Go-Breaks" will be paired with easier modifiers, on average.
    • "No Go-Breaks" and "Additional TNT Archers" will no longer appear in Apprentice or War Mage Chaos Trials.
    • "Double Cost Floor Traps" will be paired with easier modifiers, on average.
    • "Double Cost Floor Traps" and "Double Cost Barricades" can no longer roll together.
    • Several bonus minion modifiers will be paired with harder modifiers, on average.
    • "5 Rift Points" and "Rift Point Loss on Death" can no longer roll together.
    • "5x Unchained Drops" increased to 10x.
    • Persistent Barricade Rubble, No Health Drops, and No Mana Drops will roll less often.
    • Fast Minions, Fast Heroes, and Bonus Rift Points will roll more often. 
    • "Spudging Pickups" debuff duration reduced to 5 seconds (from 10).  Slow amount increased to 40% (from 20%).
    • "Additional Shield Trolls" now properly spawns all shield trolls, rather than half shield trolls and half dwarf shaman.

    Developer Comment: In general, we want to avoid rules that prevent certain modifiers from rolling together.  However, in this case, we believe a few overly powerful combinations can be toned back.


    • Players can now buy bundles of chests in addition to individual chests.
    • Party members can now see their party leader's Chaos Keys.
    • High-resolution dashboard now displays more cards within the workshop and store simultaneously.
    • When you do not receive a modifier after upgrading a chaos key, "Free Pass" will be displayed.
    • Whispers have been split into multiple tabs.  
    • Whispers no longer automatically close when a player logs off.
    • Whispers can now be manually closed.


    • An announcer line has been added for "Our traps are being disabled".
    • The iMage now has multiple lines upon death, conveying whether or not you killed the real iMage or not.
    • Remastered OMD2 music has been added to OMD!U.  Even MORE music improvements are coming in the future.
    • The post-game screen for Chaos Keys have new sound effects!

    Balance Changes

    Fire/Frost Ogres:

    • No longer have 50 physical armor.
    • Health increased by 10%.

    Gnoll Breeder:

    • Health reduced by 10%.
    • Teacup gnoll damage reduced by 20%.
    • Teacup gnolls will now enter the rift (but not score rift points).


    • Primary attack now deals 30% increased damage.
    • Primary attack damage fall-off increased to 45% (from 33%).

    Developer Comment: The previous Bionka nerfs went a bit too far against single targets.  This change maintains Bionka's area damage, while increasing her single target damage.


    • Blink now restores 30% of Gabriella's health.
    • Devious Allure now slows enemies by 40% for 2 seconds if canceled early by damage.

    Developer Comment: Gabby's skillset is a fun one - However, as many people have pointed out, her skills are too conditional.  These changes are aimed at providing buffing Gabriella in a way that provides her skills with greater opportunity for use.


    • Speed increased by 10%.
      Developer Comment: We heard your feedback regarding the recent Hogarth jump change.  As a result, we have decided to increase his mobility to compensate.


    • Penetrating Shot is now capped at 8 targets (from 10).
      Developer Comment: Ivy very rarely hits 8 enemies with her penetrating shot, so this change is very small.


    • Heart of Flame mana cost lowered to 10 per second (from 12).
    • Dragon's Breath mana cost lowered to 16 per second (from 18).
    • Range on Incinerate increased to 5000 (from 1500).

    Developer Comment: Smolder is a fun hero to play for many people.  However, her overall damage is a little low given her lack of control.  We have decided to buff her ability up-time.


    • Stinkeye's double Zephyr of Oasis weaver upgrade has been reworked: Now causes the totem's stun to slow minions by 50% after the stun ends.
    • Attack totem damage reduced by 30%.  We fixed a bug in the last patch that caused stinkeye to deal FAR more damage.  As a result, he is now over-tuned.

    Developer Comment: It was very hard to gain the benefits of Stinkeye's previous upgrade.  However, this new upgrade is easier to use, but provides less peak power.


    • Primary attack is now capped at 8 targets (from 10).
      Developer Comment: Tundra very rarely hits 8 enemies with his primary attack.  Furthermore, the damage falloff on his primary attack makes this change incredibly small, and only noticeable in rare scenarios.


    • Oziel passive reworked: No longer gains max mana with each soul stack.  Instead, Oziel now deals high damage from the beginning of the game.  Upon acquiring 75 soul stacks, Oziel may consume them to use his "Haunting Spirits" ability.
    • Haunting Spirits no longer has a cooldown.
    • Base mana increased to 300 from 160.
    • Weavers 8 and 12 swapped position.  Vexing Surge now provides a soul upon hitting an enemy.

    Developer Comment: We initially designed the soul mechanic to make Oziel to play as a carry.  However, in the current incarnation of the game, this design doesn't really fit.  These changes should make Oziel more powerful at the start of the game and more enjoyable to play.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where using consumables would be blocked by other actions.
    • Fixed several issues related to kill-screen information being incorrect or missing.
    • Fixed an issue where barricade rubble could disrupt destroyer pathing.
    • Fixed an issue where movement abilities could break camera disabling effects.
    • Fixed an issue where trap projections would remain after a player disconnects.
    • Fixed a bug where Sabotage could randomly select consumables that shouldn't be available on waves 1-4.
    • Fixed an issue where the iMage would loiter behind purple barriers.
    • Alt-K no longer activates Smolder's passive.